Cant invite my girlfriend to smartthings ( not same region error)

As the title suggests, finally i convinced my girlfriend to samsung
Now i try to invite her to smartthings but it keeps saying regions doesnt match

I came to canada from india, right after that i contacted samsung support got region switched to canada. So all good
My girlfriend made the new account in canada with first her first samsung (so region is canada)

Whats the problem here ?

Unless the procedure has changed… while Samsung may be able to change the location on the Samsung account… they can’t adjust it on the hub. The only way to resolve is to reset the hub and start fresh.

check something… login to IDE at go to the My Locations section, tap on the name of your location… what does the URL now reflect … it would indicate your region of your hub… for India… I believe it would be something like AP02:

If that is indeed what you see, then your hub is still assigned to the previous region and you would need to reset. If not, you should contact ST support.

Hey man
That cleared it
Yes still assigned to india
Thanks for the help

how did you change region on samsung account?
they refused do this for me.
do you have uncle there?

No , i actually moved to canada
Once im here i had requested for change of region, i was sent a form
After that, all of my purchases related to indian was deleted and changed to canada.

I forgot how i proved them i moved here.

The most efficient way is to create another account in the same region.

Is it possible to move an existing hub to a new account?

in the context of this thread… the answer is no. The hub was registered to a different region.