Need to update Samsung account region

It is understandably confusing and I do apologize for the frustration. My team and I have tried and tried to figure out some how to make things happy and have not been able to. Escalating the issue hasn’t helped either. I am still hopeful there is a missing piece that gets resolved at some point but unfortunately do not know when that will be and realize it does little good for you in the moment.

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Did they ever support migrating an account to another region. My account is somehow located in the US, but I live in the EU. So cant invite anyone because of this restriction, and have tried for almost 1 year to have support help with this problem.

Months of waiting for response to check if this still is an issue.

Is there a way to migrate everything like a backup, im case I have to recreate a 10 year old Samsung Account?

just create a second account using VPN, had to do this for my wife

Just FYI changing regions doesn’t help with connections

I am unsure how the VPN suggestion works for getting a second user invited. Normally when there is an region issue (your samsung account in one region, your hub in another which prevents others from being invited… you need to start fresh and reset your account so it is in the right region and then your hub (that’s my understanding). It is definitely not a fun process. if the user being invited in assigned to a different region, they would need to reset their account so it is assigned to the proper region.

Sorry to drag up an old thread but I’m having the same issue here. Had to change my region from UK to Australia which didn’t help. Deleted my SmartThings data and account by using the option in the ST app - didn’t help either. I’m simply trying to share a SmartTag 2 with my wife and get the usual error “Can’t accept invitation. Your Samsung account region isn’t the same as the owner of this location.” Happy to delete SmartThings accounts, Samsung accounts - whatever to fix this. Has anyone had any luck lately?

what country/region shows for both accounts at under profile?

have you contacted Samsung Support?

Both show Australia. I haven’t contacted support yet because I’m a bit confused - Samsung Aus support or SmartThings support?

Samsung Aus support on this issue

In the past, you needed to contact Samsung support to have the region changed. After that, a reset of the ST hub was required. Things may have changed.

Thanks, I’ll get on to them. I was able to action the region change myself but who knows what’s happening in the background.

yes, changing it yourself at samsung account I don’t believe fixes it… you have to go through Samsung support to get it fixed.


Hi Jon, I’m in the exact situation as you, did samsung support fix the problem for you?

No, I gave up. In the end my wife and I just have individual Smarttag trackers and don’t share them.

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