Need info for a multi-action scene Zooz Switch zen27 and variables

Looking to replace my deprecated Webcore automations. I have a Zooz Zen27 dimmer that can do multiple device triggers which I previously had programmed to do some automations as well. This was all done with Webcore

  • Switch single click up turned on primary bedroom lights and stored their dim level to a variable that was applied to a second switch for the over-the-bed light. When the primary bedroom lights are in an on state, so is the over-the-bed light, inverse is true as well. When the dim level was decreased or increased, the over-the-bed light was set to match through that same variable.

  • Switch double tap up turns on a scene, and double tap down turns off that same scene, etc. for additional actions.

If you are in a region that allows you to install Smart lighting, you can use the Sync action to keep the two lights in sync, regardless of the driver you end up using.

No clue on multi-tap scene controller, though.

Thank you for the reply, I will start with that.

You can probably use an Edge driver that exposes association groups to mirror the single tap actions to another device. You’ll need a driver that exposes double tap as a trigger in routines for your double tap trigger/actions. Here is the Official Zoos Edge Driver Thread

You may also want to look at Smartlighting or Sharptools to create more complex scenarios. Many Webcore users are using Sharptools since it supports variables for more easily creating/managing/tracking state.

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