Double tap routine?

Super cool - Thanks people… I was hoping to piggy back on an existing switch (outside house lights) so that when the toggle up is pressed twice the lights on the barn get brighter (I currently have this on a button). I want to do this when people leave as it can be very dark at night (we live in the country). Unfortunately I’ve not managed to get it to work yet (I’m testing with another switch)… It works with things like switch on and switch off but not with “Toggled up 2 times”; perhaps the switch has to be on already for the toggle up twice to work??? One other downside that the scene switch fixes is when I want to toggle an action on the switch but I don’t actually want to turn on/off the light that the switch controls…

It’s great to hear about people’s usage, I can imagine more projects in the future!


Here’s what I have in terms of X2 toggle up, I can’t get it to behave:

Any thoughts on things I can try… Thanks.

Brand and model of the switch?

what edge driver are you using?

(You can find all this information on the details page of the advanced section of the official web UI to your SmartThings account:


And what exactly is going wrong with the routine?

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Ahh, yes… Sorry!

Brand: Zooz
Model: ZEN72
Manufacturer code: 027A-7000-A002

What’s going wrong - nothing happens when I double toggle up, so I hit the very top of the switch twice in succession (I played around with the speed that I repeat the second push) but nothing changes; the additional lights that should turn on don’t! Nothing is registered in the history for the device either…

Here are the drivers I have installed:

Have you enabled Scene Control in the Zooz switch settings?

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Sorry for the delayed response, thanks for making me aware of these settings; the answer was no! I just turned it on and things are looking slightly more positive; the routine was experimental so I’ll play with other settings!