Zooz Zen30 Double Switch - Relay Switch to Scene control?

I’ve been struggling to figure out how to use the Relay Switch on my Zooz Zen30 Double Switch as a scene controller (or even just a logical flip to another device which is paired to SmartThings through my Hue Hub), but I’m not having much luck. Many of the guides are for the Zen27 or don’t seem to work for me because of the Hue Hub step.

Does anyone have this functionality currently working and if so, would anyone be able to point me to a device handler that does this?

Thank you!

You need to install the custom handler before adding the ZEN30 to the hub and once the handler is installed, you can go to the Automation tool in the new app and choose Button as the trigger, it will give you an option to choose the trigger for the ZEN30 button as trigger (pushed, held, double tapped, etc) and you can schedule the action in the “Then…” screen to complete the rule. We hope that helped!

I have an email out to Zooz support but I don’t see a scene controller setting anywhere in the SmartThings app. I’ve installed the device handler correctly.