Double Tap with Zooz Switch

I am using SmartThings with an Aeotec hub. My primary control app is SmartThings on my Android phone. I also have an Aeotec USB Zwave stick installed as a secondary controller via a Windows PC.

I purchased a Zooz ZEN72 dimmer switch to take advatage of its double tap feature. To activate this capability (per Zooz instructions). I have flashed the switch with the latest Zooz driver (using my USB Zwave stick). The double tap feature of the switch itself seems to work (e.g. double tap sets the controlled light to max brightness), but I see no way to setup double tap within the SmartThings app (on my Android phone). Does the current SmartThings app have support for this?

Thanks for any assistance.

To set an action on double tap …

Select the switch
Select Routines
Add routine
Add the switch
Select what action you want to add (press up 2x, down 2x etc…)
Select what you want that to do - Set dimmer to a certain level, turn on other lights, turn of the light in 5 minutes, etc)
Save and give it a name.

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