Need Help with Visonic MCT=340E

Hi all! I’m a brand new ST user (formerly with Iris and then with Wink). I’m trying to connect about 30 Visonic MCT-340E Window/Door sensors that I was told worked with ST. I can’t get them to pair. I contacted Samsung and they said they are not supported and do not work. Any help would be appreciated.

Try resetting the visonic sensors then attempt to pair them to ST. :slight_smile:

Ha ha I had a momentary lapse and was thinking z-wave but they are zigbee

To reset: For the visonic Sensor, you should be able to reset by opening the cover and removing the battery. Then reinsert the battery, put the cover back on and try to pair it.

Thanks @jkp! Since Visonic is not listed on the “Add Device” list, I assume I just click “Scan nearby”? I just tried that and still nothing.

Remove the cover, remove the battery, replace the battery, press that little button inside the sensor, then scan nearby in the ST app. Then put the cover back on the sensor after ST discovers it. I added more more step I left out. Sorry.

Still no luck. The light is flashing 3 times every 5 seconds or so but still can’t get ST app to find it.

You’ve been able to add other devices to ST so far? Any of those zigbee devices?

I had about 6 of these for a year, just be prepared, they will disappear completely at random. This same model did that to me about every 2 months, had to set them up all over again and rebuild all scenes/pistons involving them. I finally sold them all and went back to z-wave for all of my sensors, trouble-free since then.

I have 6 or 7 of these and they work perfectly for me! Although, it’s been a few years since I’ve paired one so I think it was all done with the classic app. I did not have to do any custom DTH to get them to work.

Thanks for the help everyone. I got them working. Turns out…I didn’t have the hub synced to the app completely which is why nothing would sync. So now I’m all good. Now I just need to set up the alerts.

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