Visonic sensor

Hi just wondering if any one has been able to use any Visonic sensor to ST? I’m really having a hard time with them as well with the icam2. Just seems that anything I get it just won’t pair.

Are you talking about the contact sensor?
Plenty of folks are using them quite successfully.

My process has been:

  • Set up the Visonic DTH.
  • get very close to your ST hub.
  • set ST in discovery mode.
  • pull the battery tab - it will find the sensor within a few seconds.

After pairing, go into IDE and change the device type to SmartSense.
Then bring the sensor to where it will be stationed, and install it.

Thanks for the help but yes it does find them no problem. But I keep getting "something’s wrong " so it won’t let me use it at all. And it won’t let me delete it.and what does IDE mean?or is it better to add everything through my pc and not the phone ap?

Different models used different network protocols, so we would need to know the exact model number.