Nanoleaf, official integration


Nanoleaf is officially supported by Smartthings:

…and I have been using it successfully couple of months…until now.

My Nanoleaf can’t be controlled by using ST application anymore. It is online (wifi) and it can be used normally by using nanoleaf’s application.
ST application says: “Network error”…

Only thing that is broken for some reason is integration between ST and Nanoleaf. Tried rebooting all possible devices: ST hub, Nanoleaf, phone… no help.

Anyone else seeing same?

did you try going to settings > linked services and refreshing the integration?

Went there and tapped Nanoleaf. It opens black screen and nothing happens. Should there be something?

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hmmm, when i do that with Kasa it shows the devices I have integrated and I can save.

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The integration stability has improved greatly over the last couple months and I’ve been pleased with it. I did start noticing yesterday that it was becoming less responsive from ST. It has done this in the past and when I complained to ST and Nanoleaf, they both seemed to not know what the problem was but then the integration started working again flawlessly almost immediately. From this, I couldn’t tell if it was a fluke or if they found something in the API that was getting stuck.

The device still responds well in the native app and in Alexa. I just checked it again and my ST motion sensors are definitely not controlling my nanoleaf. I too, went to the integration page and just got a blank screen in ST.

Nice to here that there is someone else having same issue.
I did contact ST support so it will take couple of days before nothing happens.
@prjct92eh2 wait a few days and you will have same issues… :slight_smile:

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I don’t have any Nanoleaf products, so probably not :slight_smile:

Same thing with my nanoleaf… In the end I had too remove and re-add, pain as now I’ve had to re-do scenes and automations. To be honest I found this tends to happen every 6 months or so with this brand.

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Mine has started working again. I did nothing to it but it appears to be firing with every trigger now.

I can also click on the integration page for linked services and see the nanoleaf page now.

Still broken here…
If it’s like @djsat2 says that happens sometimes…then it needs to be fixed.
Not sure why yours Nanoleaf started to work again. Weird.

There have been multiple cloud cloud integration issues over the last few days with different brands being affected on different accounts. It’s on the status page.

You may have to open the integration and then save it again, or it may just be a platform glitch. :disappointed_relieved:

Kasa to SmartThings Outage? Nov.17, 2020

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Once again I did what I (and most of us) always do when having ST issues. Removed device from ST and paired it again. Now it’s working. After 6 months I’m probably sending new message to this topic and complaining about same thing. I should have waited ST support to contact me so that this could be permanently fixed. So… I’m happy and sad at the same time… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I did not know this page existed. It’s so detailed. I wish I had known about this anytime over the last 2 years. Thank you.

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It’s detailed, but they don’t post everything there. Just as an example, there have been problems with the new Alexa skill since it was released in April and those have never been posted to the status page. The current issue with multi endpoint Z wave devices and the new V3 app have never been posted to the status page. Even some outages don’t get posted to the status page.

What does tend to get posted there is things which affect a large number of customers for a fairly long period of time that they have already assigned engineers to work on. :thinking:

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The software company I work for does exactly the same thing.