Nanoleaf stuck in checking... status

I’ve been having an ongoing issue where nanoleaf will stop responding with smartthings. The device still shows in the app but attempting to turn off/on the device results in an error. After readding the device, it’s now stuck on “Checking…” and I still am unable to control it. Checking on the desktop device list, the network ID it assigned it is: Nanoleaf|:NL22|:undefined
Any help would be appreciated.

Two things to try:

  1. if android, clear data cache
  2. remove the linked service for nanoleaf and add it back. Note: removing the linked service will remove all nanoleaf devices and any automations/scenes associated with them so you may wish to take screenshots before removing.

Do not worry about data in IDE for any device with Placeholder listed as the device type. It is unrelated.

I’ve done both and the device is still showing up as “checking…”

Contact ST support and also Nanoleaf support and let them investigate. :slight_smile:

And just checking… you removed the linked service for nanoleaf and not the nanoleaf device by itself?

Yep, I removed the service itself and readded it after. I’ll get in contact with support.

I have checked in with the app again while writing to support and it has connected itself again and is functioning as intended. This does happen occasionally every month or so though and it’s getting very inconvenient. I’m wondering if there’s something to troubleshoot or diagnose?

Can I ask you a question? Do you have mesh Wi-Fi, because I am having exactly the same problem and the only thing I can think of that might be different to the norm is my mesh… I have made a quick work around of adding a smart socket to the panels then at 5 every morning I reboot them, so there is definitely an issue… Did you contact Nanoleaf?