Nanoleaf's new light panels

Still in prototype stage, but they look beautiful.

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They are now on pre-order:

It is the same price as a Philips Hue starter kit: $199

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Any idea how to integrate these with st?

I ordered a set. They are beautiful.

Currently, however, no published API or direct integration with ST. There is HomeKit integration, and Nanoleaf’s website says that Alexa skill is coming Fall 2016 and IFTTT coming spring 2017.

Best Buy has them on sale today:

I randomly ran across them, it would be great if they had some sort of integration…

These look sweet!

Not sure if we’ll be working with them, but at the very least an IFTTT integration could open up some possibilities

Got mine setup over the weekend, cool so far but the app is kinda confusing.

According to their site, Alexa support will be available around January 1st and IFTT early 2017.

Howdy everyone!

My name is Paul, and I head up the digital team at Nanoleaf working closely with our product team. We’re very grateful for the support and interest that we’ve had recently from the SmartThings community. If you love the Aurora and really want a solid ST integration, email us at (I personally monitor this email). We’re committed to building the best product we can, and the features that our customers want. More voices = higher priority :slight_smile:

Our US Amazon Alexa Skill was published yesterday (UK coming next week) and IFTTT integration is in beta right now. We’re expecting our IFTTT channel to be live in mid-February. There are tonnes of great features coming this year, many of which would be of interest to ST users.

We publish and update our roadmap here:

Warmest wishes to everyone for a fantastic 2017.

Paul Austin-Menear
Director of Digital Strategy, Nanoleaf


@nanoleaf_paul I love mine so far, can’t wait to get home and try it with Alexa!

Are there any plans to integrate with Smartthings? I don’t see it on the road map.

@jayelarex hey Jon!

Thanks for asking =) We’re recent converts to the awesomeness of SmartThings. We began to seriously explore the technical side of this today with the ST team to see if and how feasible it is. If it’s doable for both us and ST given our respective resources, we’ll add it to our roadmap and pull the trigger.

Personally, I’m rooting for a yes—but there are still some big questions to answer.

(ps—if you’re into IFTTT, our private beta for that integration launches tomorrow. Make sure you sign up ASAP if interested).


Awesome thanks @nanoleaf_paul !

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If you add support for SmartThings then I will buy it, simple :slight_smile: Or at least an API so we can get it working ourselves.


Nanoleaf just released their open API in beta. I just recently purchased their Aurora lights - they are quite impressive.

The API is now available but I don’t know how to go about using it… If anyone has more programming skills than I :grin:, this is the information about the open API:

Aurora API Documentation v0.1 (pdf) – requires Aurora 1.4.36

I would love to be able to control the Aurora as a dimmable light in smart things, and be able to trigger different scenes/programs. It would also be awesome to be able to use it for notifications, like flashing a panel or something, but then resuming whatever scene was previously running.

I already have it working with Alexa and IFTTT quite nicely.

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Please make ST integration a top priority, would love it


+1 for ST support. I recently purchased a couple of sets for kids rooms. Would love to control them from sensors or other regular events.

Basically I wanted ST integration to automate Aurora ON/OFF with the rest of my HUE bulbs and lightstripes on the same room, I have achieve this via IOS Home App, I have a Philips Hue wall switch dimmer on my living room which controls all my HUE lights on living room, the HUE is connected to IOS Home app as well has Aurora, so on HOME Automation I created two rules, one for ON other for OFF, basically what it does is to turn ON aurora if HUE light X is turned on, and the other does the same but for turning OFF. This way… when I turn ON my lights on the Living-room via wall switch the Aurora comes to life too, the same applies to turning off. This works with everything you use to control your lights, Dimmers, Alexa, etc.

Great news! The Aurora is now on IFTT. It’s not local control or integrated through SmartThings, but it’s a step in the right direction!

Based on the current IFTT status, I think it’s a no go for actions that are supposed to happen on the fly, everything I can’t do locally, if it’s present on Stringify I give it a go rather then IFTT, who now has serious issues to me… Lag, not reliable, sometimes recipes don’t even run.
Light control must pass trough local hub. It’s just my opinion.

I’ve been testing the IFTTT Integration for about 3 weeks and it has been working great for me. I created a virtual switch that’s synced up with 2 separate IFTTT recipes (1 for on and 1 for off). It takes about 3 seconds from the time I press the virtual switch to the time the Aurora turns on. Out of maybe 50 on/off cycles I’ve only had it fail once.