Nanoleaf + smartthings?

First off sorry if this is the wrong spot but it looked like the forum I was looking for. Second I’m the least qualified person to do what I’m attempting so I’m sorry if I sound like an idiot here.

I’ve connected my nanoleaf app to my smartthings app but the leaf panels themselves don’t actually show up anywhere on the smartthings app and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix that problem?


go to menu > settings > linked services > click on the nanoleaf integration and click done. check if they appear in your device list. if not, remove the integration and go back to add devices and try adding it again.

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Was wondering where i’d find my linked accounts so this actually saves me probably 20min of googling so thanks right off the bat.
I looked in there and there was nothing discovered. But the meross plugs I have showed up fine so I think it’s probably a button I have to press on these lights or something. Beats me but I don’t think it’s a smarttings problem after following your steps so thanks a lot. Ty so much for the fast response btw!

one last thing i can think to try. after you add the integration, click on scan near by in the add device section to see if they are found.

Ya I tried that was well but couldn’t find it. Found the tv 2 floors up but not the panels 2ft to my right. I guess it’s a problem with the leaf not the ST app. Thank you though I appreciate the quick help. Really narrowed down where the problem actually is for me though. Thanks a bunch.