My Scenes have all gone missing [January 2021]

Anyone else have this happen? I just was looking in the app at the new Android Auto integration and noticed all my Scenes are gone. I still have 2 shortcuts to Scenes on my home page, but the titles are missing.


Yeah I’m aware. But that doesn’t explain why my scenes have all gone missing. Which is the reason for the post.

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I got it this morning and all of my Scenes are here and working. I am on Samsung S8+ Android v.9

FYI not blaming the android auto functionality, just noticed it when I was looking at the new features. Also having issues communicating with Google home so could be related. Scenes won’t load there either.

I have 5 missing scenes since I got the new android app update. They are technically still there since I can still see the missing scenes from Alexa and ActionTiles, but the new app isn’t displaying them. I suspect they were scenes that I originally set up with the classic app but now I can’t even delete them because the IDE errors out when I try to see the list of scenes.

Why can’t we go through an update without things getting screwed up?


Just checked and my scenes have reappeared. Must have been an issue with the platform. Again.

Mine are still missing, those created with new app and not dealing with location modes are gone

Mine are gone from the SmartThings app as well, but my automation still activates them on schedule.

When I go to add a new generic routine in the Google Home app (not a Home and Away Routine), after “Add Action” and then “Adjust Home Devices” and finally “Adjust scenes” I can still see my original Smart things scenes.

Something is clearly off.

I’m having the same problem. About 12 of my scenes are gone since the update yesterday. Some update. I’ve already reported it to support and they’ve replied with their usual first tier “clear cache uninstall/reinstall” B.S. that never works.

Any ideas?

If you are running into this issue please report to and DM me the ticket # in the auto reply. Will look into it asap.

I’ve added a reply here with some details, thanks for your patience and reports.

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Thanks Vlad

One scene came back this morning, but I’m still missing most of them.

Yes I’m having the same issue, I’ve lost quite a bit of scenes and they didn’t fire this morning. It seems smartthings is getting worse and worse to the point I feel Samsung regrets buying them and wants to phase us out by making an unusable product.

Also missing 2 scenes…the ones that set and unset my alarm as well meaning it didn’t set last night.

Yea, ,I am having the same issue…Ticket 1134504

Could you all please check now? We put in a fix that should alleviate most of if not all of these issues. If you are still having problems viewing scenes, feel free to DM me.


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@vlad One or 2 Have shown back up but not all of them…I had 7, which my wife can see on her Iphone, but I am showing just 5…

It appears that at least the scenes I use everyday are back. I can’t say for sure if others I might have created long ago are still missing, but I assume not… Thank you for the really great responsiveness, vlad! When such great support is offered, I have no problem with occassional hiccups like this in order to be able to enjoy new tech.

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