Android Smartthings update

17mb update
no improvements to be seen

No change notes I assume?

At 17mb, I couldn’t be bothered to look tbh jimmy

Having a look shows these fantastic features

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Haven’t gotten this one yet

Onboarding with multiple hubs remains broken. I have three hubs. Whichever one I select, the same one gets put into pairing mode, which for me is now one on a test location. I do find it weird that Location selection in the app doesn’t seem to apply to the hubs.

The 200 device limit better be fixed. Thank goodness I have a Samsung phone to still use the workaround.

EDIT: Nope, the 200 device limit is still there. The workaround for people with Samsung phones still works though, whew…


Unreal. Sad. And frankly, annoying.

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I don’t know if it has to do with the new version of the app that I updated yesterday.
I was modifying an automation and almost all the automations and all the scenes have disappeared.

In IDE and API all the scenes have also disappeared

Now when try to modify or create automations or scenes some times a network error appears and need press save serveral times

Has someone something similar happened to you?


The little “Home” icon on automations that should be running local has disappeared.

Does it appear if you save the Automation again? I don’t have any local Automations but one I created just now shows it fine.

I am rewriting the mysteriously lost automations and have seen that the ones created with the quick controls in the device details view are now created with the device name and action.
I do not know if it will be from this update or the previous one, since testing a few days ago with a device with driver edge they were already shown like this.

Maybe for it to appear need have recreate them

With the new App update, I have noticed that the history on each device is fatal, it takes time to load.
Sometimes it says there is no history, other times it only shows some recent events and takes time to update previous ones.
In filtering events to show there are times that the temperature ones are missing and then you enter again and they appear.

What is the work around for Samsung phones regarding 200 device limit? I’m currently stuck bad …

Add from the personal devices section.


Almost all the automations and all the scenes have disappeared for me again.
In IDE and API all the scenes have also disappeared
I can not believe it!!!

Hi, @SamsungZell. Could you help us with this issue, please?

@SamsungZell, @nayelyz,

The automations that have been left are deactivated as when you uninstall devices that are in the automation.
Almost all the automations that have been left are deviceless. They have only given 3 with any device.

It gives the impression that for some reason my devices have disappeared from the account, the automations and scenes where those devices were have been deleted and then the devices have reappeared.

This is what they told me the previous time from the UK support:

Thanks Fiona,


Mariano Colmenarejo

El mar., 5 oct. 2021 17:14, SmartThings <> escribió:

In replies all text above this line is added to the ticket

Hannah (SmartThings)

Oct 5, 2021, 8:14 AM MST

Hey Mariano,

We weren’t able to pin point exactly why they disappeared but we haven’t seen this issue occur a second time so I’m hoping the same applies here.

Best regards,

SmartThings Support
alt text

Mariano Colmenarejo

Oct 5, 2021, 3:47 AM MST

Hi Fiona,

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again!

Is the cause of the deletion known?


Mariano Colmenarejo

El mar., 5 oct. 2021 12:35, SmartThings <> escribió:

Fiona (SmartThings)

Oct 5, 2021, 3:35 AM MST

Hi Mariano,

Thanks for your email.

Our team has investestigated and based on cloud logs, the Scenes and Automations were automatically deleted as all of the devices in those scenes and automations were deleted. Between 12:35 PM CEDT and 1:20 PM CEDT there were 6 different devices deleted by yourself. I’m afraid these Scenes and Automations will not come back.

Please feel free to reach out again if there is anything further we can assist with.

Best regards,


alt text

Hey there! I completely understand your frustration, I’d be glad to review this symptom with you.

Between 12:35 PM CEDT and 1:20 PM CEDT there were 6 different devices deleted by yourself. I’m afraid these Scenes and Automations will not come back.

If this occurred in your logs, this would definitely trigger the symptoms that you are describing, in the Devices card options list the automation that is associated with each device. I always recommend reviewing the tab before removing devices to see what automation would be affected.

You mentioned that the devices have re-appeared, are they listed as being included in any automation?

Most likely as Fionna mentioned you will have to re-create any automation that during device deletion removed the associated action that would have been available for that automation.

I hope this message finds you well!


It seems to me a very simplistic analysis to justify something for which they cannot find an explanation.

Remind them that at least 2 other forum users have suffered something similar on the same day.
That is no coincidence!

That 40 automations and 6 scenes disappear at the same time, because I have uninstalled 6 devices in a period of 1 hour does not have any sense and I will explain how I did it.

How do I uninstall a grovvy device to change it to Egde driver:

  • In each automation in which this device is included, I add a virtual device so that the automation is not erased.
  • I uninstall the device in the app
  • I install the device with Edge drive.
  • I remake the automations and remove the virtual device from the automations.
  • Uninstall another device with the same method.
    Total were 1 multisensor and 2 motion sensors.
  • You see 6 devices because the multisensor is on the lower floor, away from the hub and I had to pair it several times until it was good.
  • In an instant, not in an hour, all the scenes (6) and some forty automations disappeared suddenly, some of which had just been rewritten to include the 2 devices paired with drivers and 4 quick controls, 2 of them on a Wi-Fi socket Meross which is not in the hub.

2 hours later an email arrived stating that something was wrong with smartthings.
Indeed, to create an automation of the ones that had disappeared I have to give save 5 or 6 times, it gave a network error, another user also had this error who happened the same.

What happened on day 8:

  • I just uninstalled and reinstalled one device, which got stuck with an Edge drive.
    Also disappeared at the same time all the scenes and all the automations that only had devices, they had no location mode or sthm or notifications.
    Only 3 automations with devices remain, one with the water valve, one with a motion sensor and one with a switch.

I never saw my devices disappear from the app, it would have warned me with a notification for each uninstalled device.

The theory that the devices had to disappear from the system long enough for the scenes and automations to be erased and reappear, is the only explanation I can find.

How do you explain that a scene that turns on all the lights in the house disappears because I uninstalled 6 devices, that none was a switch or light bulb?

This affected automations and scenes with devices, zwave, zigbee and meross, linked services and I had not re-link them.

It is better that they say that they do not know what happened and should investigate what could have happened.

Of course, I already rewrote them

If it is true that they do not know what happened, I think it will happen again

Best Regards


Thank you so much for providing me with this additional information to forward accordingly @Mariano_Colmenarejo, I’m sorry to hear that you have had to re-configure your Automation. I have noted the examples and similar user occurrences to cascade to the team to investigate.

In the meantime, If you notice any further symptoms or examples please feel free to submit a support ticket and we will be happy to look into the concerns further!

I hope this message finds you well!