Don't make a scene

Is it just me or are scenes no longer supported? Searching around returns mixed answers. There are still official docs describing the feature such as here and here.

The Platform Transition FAQ mentions the Scenes API and also advises on porting SmartApp functions to scenes:

Many of the features once found in SmartApps can now be created using the SmartThings Scenes and Routines section of your app. This new feature set has the added benefit of faster controls and local execution. If you are unable to find a custom solution using the SmartThings Community here before the shutdown on December 31, 2022 , we recommend you recreate your SmartApp configuration using a Routine or Scene if possible.

But the function isn’t in any of the menus in my Android phone app. For example, on the first page after opening the app I can add devices, services, or routines, but not scenes:

Scenes are similarly not in the menus for any of the other main categories at the bottom - Devices, Life, Routines or the hamburger menu.

In the Advanced IDE if I go to the Devices page there is an option to add a new device, but on the Scenes page it looks like it would list scenes if I had any but does not allow new scenes to be made.

Searching the forum I find lots of topics discussing various issues with scene functions but nothing suggesting the functions are removed. Nor does the official documentation or FAQ suggest they are removed, in fact the docs for Scenes API suggest the opposite. All of which makes me wonder whether it is something about my profile or account, specifically.

Any suggestion on how I might fix this or clarification on the status of Scenes would be greatly appreciated. This has been driving me nuts. Thanks in advance!

Here’s what it looks like in iOS this morning at the time of this writing. As @jkp notes below, it looks like they may have changed the name in android. Without announcement, or documentation, per usual. :rage:

Man, I wish smartthings would implement normal changelogs!

  1. choose “Automations“ from the bottom row menu.

  2. tap on the plus sign at the top right and you should be given the choice to “create routine“ or create scene.“

  1. choose “create scene” and you will get a pop-up for that purpose


I believe i read that the new Android app has renamed Scenes to “Manually Run Routines”.

try tapping on “Create Routine”


Android now shows this in very small text, technically called a cluster f#£k

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One more thing: “manually run routines” is a very odd name since as far as I know, these can still be actuated from a regular routine. And maybe other ways as well. :thinking:

“Scene” is a perfectly good standard industry term for a state snapshot of multiple devices, used on many home automation platforms. Why change it?


They did actually survey us about changes. I can’t remember what the other option was for Scenes, except that it was just as wrong.


It is just an app UI thing though. Scenes are still scenes.

The real problem is that, unlike Routines, they have a foot in both the mobile app tools and developer tools camps. That is what needs sorting out.

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I can understand the need to make the app beginer user friendly, having given it 2 seconds of thought the answer is quite simple and keeps all other existing mentions of scenes in place

In the ST app only change the text from
“Manually run routines”
“Scenes / Manual routines”

Some basic changes can solve complex issues

And if the devs want to be really fancy, they can add a (i) for information and supply some info text to help people

Make the fonts damn well bigger for goodness sake

ST do not read or take note of anything we see or say :ok_hand:

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Thanks! Unfortunately, my app doesn’t have an Automations menu item, it only has Routines. When I select Routines then the + it takes me straight into routine creation with no intermediate options. I checked the Play store and there is no update pending o the app. This discrepancy across app platforms is another source of aggravation because it limits the degree to which the community can help itself. Samsung, are you listening?

Found that but didn’t recognize what it is. Thanks!

Ah, yes. I think I remember that term introduced in UI Design 101.

I own a Samsung wall oven and there’s an option to sync the time over the Internet. Unlike virtually every other device that performs this function, from a $3 Single Board Computer chip to an $80k truck, the Samsung oven doesn’t periodically poll the network time server. The user must manually initiate the time sync and it REBOOTS the oven to do it! Don’t even get me started on the TV UI. The Cluster F#£k phenomenon appears to be widespread in the brand.

Thanks @orangebucket for the screen shot! Marking yours as the solution because of the reference to an authoritative doc. Sorry, @jkp, it was a close call but gotta go with the most authoritative source.

Exactly. After reading all the replies I searched for “manually run routine controller” and, unsurprisingly, found nothing. Scene controller returns hits-a-plenty though. The term is unlikely to change among hardware vendors who currently all agree on it for a specific type of device. Changing it in the app creates a situation in which the functionality and the device made to utilize that functionality have different names, the only outcome of which is to up the level of difficulty to use the SmartThings ecosystem. Why anyone would think that was a good idea and sign off on it is beyond my understanding.


I am imagining a Python-esque dialog here.

“ST do not read or take note of anything we see or say.”
“Yes, we do.”
“No, you don’t.”
“I’m responding now.”
“But it isn’t substantive. It doesn’t address any technical issue.”
“It addresses our responsiveness stat in the CustSat survey.”
“I still don’t have scenes!”
“Sure you do. You are making one now.”

Thanks for all the replies. I was out all morning on a job and delighted to find all the helpful responses.


I would just note that, regardless of the name change, the-things-formerly-called-Scenes still do not appear in the Routines tab of device details pages.


No, sadly not… they used to, back in the day :confused: it made tracking down automations and issues easy…


Scene is not running… even the routines…
What happened?

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What happened to the ability to toggle routines on and off? I edited one that was toggled off, it came back to life, and now I can’t figure out how to toggle it off again.

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Open automation and in bottom left.


This is the correct answer. Also, a scene I used every night was deleted after the cluster f…I mean update was applied. So, the orcs that released the update lied.

This change will not remove your existing scenes…

They lie. A scene I used every night disappeared after this bs update.

Real reason for the change: product manager got bored and made up some ridiculous use cases and threw them over the wall to the developers.

Source: am a former app product manager.


Spot on!

It was a boneheaded move, but now someone’s pride is going to prevent changing it. Or perhaps it will wait until said bonehead moves on to another job…