Android app

Android arrived this afternoon. It includes a link to Android Auto.
You can pick 6 things to display in your vehicle.
Go to Hamburger, Gear, Android Auto and you can select the 6 items. They can be STHM, scenes or devices.
It is live and works.


This update isn’t available for me yet it appears, looking forward to it though.

Check play store. Even though I’ve got auto updates turned on, I had to manually update my app.

Still no fix on the device dashboard slow loading times

And still no fix for Android 11 updates. Pretty ridiculous.

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I think it’s gotten worse! I still can’t add more devices through the dashboard, but at least the workaround still works.

I just got the update now. What are the companion apps? & they only work with one u.i 3.1??

Not sure yet. I just got it too and I’m still figuring out what’s changed besides it being slower…

I see the smartthings finder…which btw is a little to.big on the screen but dont know what else changed. They should merge the finder into the smarthome monitor. It could be an additional icon after the leak icon.

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Workaround, what workaround?

There is an android auto setting in the settings page. That’s pretty much it.

Hamburger menu -> Devices -> “+”

Anyone has noticed scenes disappearing? Half of my scenes are “gone”, but they are actually there, just not found in scenes section, and cannot be added to automation actions. I could only see them when adding actions to remotes. And Google Assistant scenes are gone again for my wife’s phone.

Half of Scenes dispersed

But they could be assigned to remote actions

Autonation action sees only half of Scenes too

@blake.arnold do you know if it’s a known issue?


Update became available this morning. You can set 6x items. I choose 1x of each different type I have such as switch, temp, virtual switch, etc. Will report back later after the sunday grocery run :slight_smile:

Wow, if you guys think the ST mobile app is slow, wait until you try it via Android Auto. Slower would be an understatement. Once loaded it’s acceptable, but if you think you’ll disarm STHM or open your garage door when you pull in your driveway you will be disappointed. Plan well ahead of arriving home to get things started. I’m still playing with it, so I can’t say for sure if it gets better or if my phone or internet connection is to blame for anything.

Yep my scenes are not showing either. I can still trigger them via Google home, as well as Action Tiles.

Yep saw the same thing with appropriately half of my scenes missing but could fortunately roll back to the December release and saw the scenes thatbwere missing. Definitely something up with the new version.

That’s something I’ve not had an issue with, knock on wood.

Yes, I lost a scene which was there yesterday after I updated. Very strange!

I set up a scene to run the garage door. Then I used the scene notification in the android auto settings. Much faster, you receive a notification you can press on the android auto screen when you leave/arrive. If you miss the notification popup, you can just hit the notification icon on Android auto and run the scene from there.

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