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First open after the install on my Samsung Tab6 Android 10, everything flip-flopped. Now I have to re-sort my rooms. Also, sometimes not all my scenes show. The icon disappears. And if that wasn’t enough, now every time I open the app, most of the stuff on the screen are gone. My rooms, Home monitor, virtual switches, they may or may not show. I have to hard close the app and restart. On my phone, S9+, my home screen in the app never flip-flopped, but stuff goes missing until I hard stop and restart the app.

If you are running into issues around rules or scenes not showing up, please reach out to and DM me the ticket #. Our team will look into it asap.

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In 10 seconds it shows a No items in the middle of the screen, but after that disappears and starts to load without on the top showing the SmartThings > Home, but only SmartThings.

I have selected the items in the app before even trying the Android Auto in the car.

The leaving and arriving popup showed up about 200-250 meter away from my house at the end of the street. I wouldn’t wait that much to close the gate… Maybe for opening…

Same here. Appears like we are going through the same motions at least. Will see if I can get some video today first time using it. See if there is a noticeable difference in time.

I have not enabled the leaving and arriving yet since I have another presence process in place so cant speak to that. I would agree that 200+ meters away would not work for me on departures either :slight_smile:

Thanks @vlad , magically this morning it shows up again after I went to different settings and smart app pages, not exactly sure what happened though

Thanks, we were able to track down a cause for this and fix the issue for some users overnight. For context - this app release moved rules & scenes to rules API in preparation for local execution. The issues with scenes not appearing are a symptom of the mapping not reflecting correctly. There are 2 remaining issues that we are aware of from looking into the reports here and in the other scenes thread that can cause scenes to not appear that we are working through now, once we get the fixes deployed, the scenes should show up again. The app will try to import the scenes every time it opens if there were previous failures, so please hang tight while we resolve the issues. Also note - no scenes were deleted during this process - no need to recreate them unless you need to use them immediately.


Any chance you are also looking into the issue where opening a device card for plugs bulbs switches and buttons takes about 10 seconds to display the insides? Also, is there a way to find out which things are using the rules api?

That sounds really good to me. Got to be worth a lot of brownie points.


Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation Vlad! On the other note related to this issue, my wife’s iphone lost scene access on her Google Assistant after this update.
We had this kind of issue before, but I was able to fix it by adding scenes to a room in Google home app. Now however, I am not able to do that anymore, and my wife loses access to all the scenes in SmartThings.

No - the change here is around displaying the scenes/rules in the new format. In the app, Scenes + Automations use the rules api - at this time you can’t see the rules created by the app through the api. That will come at a later time. If you are seeing delays in the app for devices that’d be unrelated to this.

Ok thanks ! Any chance you could could forward this to the right place? I have been trying to reach someone for over a month!

Also when will local execution arrive for the rules API?

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I don’t think this has been mentioned previously, but the device name for the mobile presence in the app seems to have changed from Forename Lastname's Phone_Name to just Phone_Name. Some bugs around linked places seem to have been fixed too, and the Phone_Name is now part of the name for each linked place child presence device, though unfortunately it has not also been added to the label.

There does seem to be an unfortunate feature in that if you add a Linked Place it does not seem to get added to the existing mobile presence device unless you disable and reenable it, and that instantly deletes Automations that were using it, which rather sucks. I was hoping we’d got rid of this nonsense with Automations being deleted months ago.


For 3 days now I have had misfires on 2 specific light automations. Only the first device on each automation list will activate. One automation contains 1 light and one dimmer. the other automation contains 4 lights and 1 dimmer. All devices activate immediately via manual control in the app . I have also deleted and rebuilt both automations with the same result. Sometimes one of the other lights activate after the first light on the list turns off. This all started after installing the latest app update. . Anyone at ST have any idea whats going on?

Ok, I’ve got one item show up, and had to realise that no Scenes are showing up on my Android Auto screen, indeed selected 5 scenes and 1 device.

@vlad, is there any chance that is part of one of the issues what you are seeing regarding Scene migration?

@troy_owens Our team will be looking into this today - I have your account info but would you mind DM’ing me the names of the automations?

@GSzabados I’ll take a look at this as well though I am not familiar with the Android Auto integration and will need some time to catch up there. Could you DM me which scenes are not showing up in Android Auto? (Was able to track down your account as well)

@Andremain I am hesitant to give a date - though I can tell you that the code is complete and we are currently alpha testing internally. (Have to be a lot more conservative with hub firmware, so a longer internal soak period is required before we feel comfortable shipping to customer hubs).


I had these too, on few of my automations. I modified the trigger (in my case it was time), saved it, changed it back again and everything was fine again.

It’d be good to have access to time series Automation trigger logs to see what exactly is goin on. Live Logging is good but not useful for hit and miss events.

Sorry if its been asked and you already answered

Shortcuts to device automations and or attached scenes, smart apps, smart lighting automations, per device, as we had in classic

Trying to track down what automation is attached to what device is becoming unworkable especially as other platforms have now progressed and improved to take some of automations, it also does not help that this version of ST has soo many unconnected places for various automations, its a bit messy tbh

In classic this was not too much of an issue as the other platforms were not mature enough, now it is an issue and tracking things down is painfull

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Thank you @vlad. Any chance this has affected virtual switches, as none is working since yesterday.

@vlad I’m seeing lots of reports of what appears to be loops involving virtual switches. If the Virtual Switch device handler is being used that would mean isStateChange: true is in use when sending events.

I believe in the new API there is a state change filter that can be applied on the subscription end. Is it possible that in mapping Automations onto the Rules API that filter setting has flipped? Or something like that?

A lot of users use Automations and virtual switches to map the STHM status and they do so in a way that actually relies on ST preventing potential infinite loops. However unwise it used to work and now it is looking a bit iffy.

Update: Switching to Simulated Switch which doesn’t have isStateChange: true seems to help at least one user in another thread, but in general loses local execution.


@vlad I’m still missing some of my scenes. Are there still known issues that are being looked into?