MY myQ DSC Alarm Integration

After taking a little time to look at all the various ways to integrate myQ into SmartThings, now that Chamberlain/Liftmaster killed @brbeaird fantastic one. I decided I wanted to avoid yet another third party app. So I sort of homebrewed this:


So I connected an ELK-912 30mA 12 Volt relay + and - to PGM1 and aux on my DSC alarm panel and set it to 1 second on (Section 170). I had a spare pair of wires running from my panel to the same area as the door opener push button, but if you have a nearby DSC keypad it has terminals that can be used as a zone or PGM.

I had an extra Lift Master 883LMW Security+2.0 Push Button Door Control that I modified by soldering a pair of wires across the switch 2 terminals, these wires connect to the 12V relay; common and N/O terminals.

Then the Lift Master 883LMW Security+2.0 Push Button Door Control red and white terminals connect to the existing red and white terminals on the push button or to the red and white opener terminals.

Then it was just a case of of replacing all of the myQ routine references with the new PGM1. As a extra benefit I can open and close the garage door from the DSC keypads by entering *71 or from the LCD panel.

Additional doors could be operated from additional PGM’s on the panel.

I plan to mount everything in a j-box, but did not have one on hand, so I will update once it is all complete.

I don’t use voice assistants, but this setup should allow for the use of them, as I already use @TAustin

Also keep in mind if you have a GDO with battery back up you need to disconnect the battery as well as unplugging the GDO power plug.

I was thinking of putting the 883LMW inside the 2-gang j-box but deceived it was probably going to be more trouble than it was worth, incase some how it needs to be reconnected to the GDO.