Envisalink EVL-4 to integration to existing alarm panel

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Looking at the Envisalink and how I could get this to work with my SmartThings 2 hub. Looks like I’d need to be able to tinker with resets on the DSC alarm to get this working. Would love to know if any have any experience with this device?

Hey! any luck with this… did you get it to work with ST?

any help you can provide me

I’m not comfortable yet testing but this is still something I want to do to set Smartthings mode properly and to notify me if ever a DSC alarm occurs

Any luck ?

No luck on this front - I’m not comfortable with process but would be willing to try something if someone has a recommendation.

If you have an Andoid you can use this solution, this is what I’ve been using for 2 1/2 years. It does not integrate with Smartthings, I purposely wanted my Alarm and Smarthings separate,

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I emailed the company they said that there’s a project that integrated the envisalink with smart hub

This is the only one I know of, but there might be others.

I haven’t used it because I wanted to keep both on separate platforms. DSCserver, above, is awesome. Great support from the author also.

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I like the idea of keeping them separate also. Thank you for the suggestions @mcvoss - and post link on DSCserver. I feel it’s out of my technical league. It would be nice if there was some simple way to create a virtual switch in ST and then have the alarm state trigger those switched so they might trigger some other ST automation. No need to have ST actually arm or disarm the alarm.

I manually set the DSC alarm when leaving and after exit delay smartthings would receive a notification to turn a virtual switch to ON labeled HOME ALARM. Then I could run goodbye triggered by that event.