Interface with DSC alarm?

(Saeven) #1

Hi Guys. I have a DSC alarm that’s going through a regular old alarm company. I’d like for it to do a bit more, and this Smart Things system seems like a great approach!

My DSC panel currently has 7 zones connected to it; can Smart Things be made aware of these somehow? Is there a module that can act as interface between my DSC panel and the Smart Things hub?


(joe) #2

If you have an envisalink controller to go with your DSC alarm you can use j64Alarm to interface with it. There is some info about it in the gettingstarted doco on my github: . There are also several posts in the bottom of this thread where a few people have tried it out. DSC/Vista Alarm Smartapp and devices based on AlarmServer

(Saeven) #3

Thanks for responding so quickly! I was secretly hopeful to start dabbling on code integrations; there’s an API for this envisalink device I imagine?

Checking out the boards, I see reference to both a v3 and v4 of the envisalink device. Either works? The 4s seem cheaper than the 3s on ebay.

(Isriam) #4

This thread has everything you need and is very simple to use