My morning app just started, it's 9:40 PM. WTF?

I have an app schedule to fire at 6am every morning. I’m sitting on the couch and it goes off at 9:40pm. Any thoughts on how I can track this down, I can’t have things just randomly happening…

i think there’s a country song that goes something like “it’s 6 o’clock somewhere”… just kidding, that’s horrible!

Welcome to the HauntedThings. :smile:
Root Cause of most of my ST issues

At least yours started! That’s a win-win for ST Development Staff that are most likely driving their BMW’s to Dunkin Donuts in celebration. Mine is more random than consistent and I have decided to specify a time rather than depend on sunrise/sunset firing…

It is a specific time, I’m not using sunrise it’s set to 6:00AM.

That is a popular time, perhaps move to 5:58am?

See, this doesn’t make sense to me for two reasons. First, there should be no concept of popular time, these jobs should be running locally on my device and only my device should care about it. Even in the cloud this shouldn’t be an issue. Second reason (in my case) is that it just went off at the wrong time. I could see it being delayed if it was “busy” but why would it go over at 9:40PM when it’s set to 6:00AM?

Shoulda, coulda, woulda… Tell it to SmartThings engineering geniuses who foolishly believe that the cloud shall deliver them from all evil. :smile:

Pretty much everything runs in the cloud, specifically the routines and the scheduler. Your scheduled routine got stuck in some gawd forgotten event queue until it was kicked off when the server restarted or thomething or other. :slight_smile:

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Here’s how you can figure out what caused it to execute:

Log into and click My Locations. Select “List Events”, and make sure the filter at the top is “From Location”.

You’ll see there the log of events happening at the location level. That may give some insight into what caused your routine to execute.

The other place to check is:

From “My Locations”, click “List SmartApps”. Click on the routine that executed, and select “List Events” in the top right of the popup. Make sure the filter at the top is “all”.

Here’s a mode change event from my account that was automated (Source=APP):

Here’s a mode change event from my account that was manually actuated by clicking a button in the mobile app (Source=USER):


I love how we have to debug why routines that should have fired at sunset or sunrise did not execute…only SmartThings would require their customers to dig that deep into routines that should execute flawlessly…

What’s next…checking why a Do Loop did not Do? :rage:

We’re not customers, we’re beta-testers who chose to pay for the privilege of testing their half-baked software. :smile:


@kurtsanders and @geko. I agree that troubleshooting failures should be integral part of the the support provided with the purchase of the hub. However, there is a bright side to this. It’s called the DIY option. Try troubleshooting Wemo, Nest or Harmony…you’re left out in the cold for days with no way to know why things happen or did not happen. At least with ST you MIGHT be able to do it if you have time, scheduled time off from work or enough curiosity to be perplexed. :smile:

Interesting! I have two Ecobee thermostats, two Harmony Ultimate remotes and I have NEVER had to trouble shoot their devices and iOS Apps for over two years. They are reliable products and quality manufactures which offer quick phone and email support when I have questions, and best of all, they perform as expected when I push a programmed button or change a HVAC setting, unlike SmartThings that offers little or reliable support and frequent cloud abnormalities, firmware updates that brick my V2 device.

I appreciate SmartThings programming and debugging tools because I am technical by education and have the patience and time, but I cannot believe SmartThings expects that the average consumer is that tech savy to dig into random ST events using the IDE that may or may not execute on their own, especially like sunset and sunrise settings which was the issue above.

Many of us are just at the end of the rope with their backend cloud issues, lack of Chat Helpline or email, and self help via this forum.

I was hoping that they were offloading much of the cloud issues to the V2 hub, and we could skip all these issues that have plagued many of us depending on consistent handling of events


This happened again last night. As a developer myself I have no idea how they are screwing this up that bad. It’s set for 5:57AM and it’s going off at 9:40PM. :frowning: I guess it’s time to look at alternatives, this is not a usable system. :frowning:

I expect that the SmartThings Help Desk will eventually recommend to you that you schedule it around 3:00am to get it to fire closer to the desired 5:57am! :joy:

ST has been completely screwed up the last couple of days so I wouldn’t waste time trying to figure it out until they’ve fixed the problem.

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And that’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for…well over 2 moths and counting (see picture in thread below)…

[quote=“SBDOBRESCU, post:17, topic:34946”]
And that’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for…well over 2 moths and counting
[/quote]I started using ST about a month ago and I’ve had constant problems. At the moment I can’t even load the SmartApps list on my phone. If things haven’t gotten any better in a week, I’m going to look elsewhere too because this is ridiculous.


Yeah, I think it’s time to give up on SM, at least for schedule events. I removed the smartapp yesterday that does my wake up and guess what? It still went off at 9:40. Oh the perils of a company thinking everything should be run in the cloud. So even after it was removed it’s still going off, ST has some really sh*tty software that’s for sure.

My Good morning routine always fires wildly off schedule. It is set for 6:05 AM generally. It fires at 1:15 am, 11:41 pm, 12:08 am, just completely random. Did all the suggested fixes of deleting and recreating routine; changed the time to “refresh it”. Still occurred. Only the last two days has it fired well in recent memory.

All that tells me is things are well broken behind the scenes because thats not even a simple time zone error, its just the wild, wild west under the hood.