I’ve been trying to figure out why my Hello Home events (specifically Good Morning and Good Night) havent been firing (Good Morning) or have been firing way early (Good Night), and I THINK I’ve found a couple of MAJOR issues with SmartThings Time handling:

  1. If you set Good Morning to run “When Things Start Happening” between a certain time window (say 5-7AM), you may find that this does no longer run if you get up at 5am. The reason MAY BE because the time window was saved as 5-7AM Daylight Savings Time - and that time window WAS NOT corrected when the time changed. So it still waits until 5AM EDT (which is 6AM EST)…
  1. Similarly for Good Night - “When Things Quiet Down” after 10PM is recorded as 10PM EDT, which is an hour later than 10PM EST.

  2. To make matters worse, I found a CRAZY UI bug in the iOS app to boot: When setting times in a SmartApp, the time base used is NOT the time zone of the hub/devices, oh no-no - it’s the time zone WHERE YOU CURRENTLY ARE!!! So, in trying to fix this on my East Coast hubs from my hotel on the West Coast - all the times are OFF BY 3 HOURS!!!

Sorry for yelling, but these are just insane bugs to be dealing with…and to be fair, maybe it’s just me and I have screwed up SmartApps for some reason…so please - check for yourself. I found it easiest to use the IDE to figure out what times are actually being scheduled (by looking at the SmartApp parameters on my hubs)…



Funny I’ve rebuilt my routines at least 20 times since the time change as they fail all the time and need to be rebuilt.

Oh man, that explains why my smart lighting automations are firing 2 hours early after recently editing the times while in a different time zone!