Time wrong in Smart Lighting?

I currently have an automation setup in the Smart Lighting SmartApp to trigger at 5:00AM on weekdays. For the past week or so, it has gone off at 4:58AM instead. I’ve confirmed the time is set correctly in the automation itself, and it definitely still says 5:00AM. Anyone have any idea why this may be happening and how I can fix it?

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No idea, but I’ve been seeing the same thing.

Unlike being an even number of hours (or even 30 minute chunks) off, which would tend to indicate a Timezone or Daylight Savings Time issue…

Being just “2 minutes” off leads to various theories:

  1. The cloud server(s) are not syncing their clocks frequently enough to a reliable Time server.

  2. The schedule queue processor is busy (i.e., long queue), and thus SmartThings purposefully allows the scheduler some leeway in order to average out the anticipated processing delay as it is known to take up to several minutes for it to work its way through all the jobs scheduled for exactly 5:00AM.

Suggestion: Test an “odd” (less predictable on-the-hour) time slot in order to be less likely to encounter a peak scheduling moment; e.g., 5:12AM. See if the execution is now exactly at 5:12AM or if it is 5:10AM or maybe 5:14AM…

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I often see webCoRE pistons firing a minute early. I just chalk it up to clock synchronization being off.

When you say it’s running at 4:58, 4:58 according to what system? Your android phone or the live-logging in ST? Because there might be a difference between your carrier time and ST time.


If you have two automations, smart lighting and WebCoRE. WebCoRE handles the mode change at 5pm and smart lighting turns on a switch at 5 pm.

Both are set to send notification of action. One triggers at 4:58 and one at 5pm.

4:58 according to all systems. Both my iPhone and the activity log in the SmartThings app show it happening at 4:58 AM.

And is this the only time of the day that’s wrong or are all your automations early by 2 mins?

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I don’t actually have any other time specific automations.

The same thing is happening to WebCore Pistons. Anything scheduled for a specific time is happening twice. Once a minute before and once at the actual time. So, it sounds like smartthings has a larger clock issue.

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