My Hub and All Devices Have Just Disappeared .... WTF Happened!? (28 August 2021)

My hub, routines, devices etc. etc. have all disappeared from my Mobile App and from my Smartthings Webpage. My hub is battery backed up and as far as I know I have not suffered any big outage of any kind.

Can somebody please throw some light on the subject before I have to program the whole lot again?

p.s. can somebody give me the email of UK Support, webpage link doesn’t appear to work?



First… check or to verify they are actually gone :slight_smile: and that you are logging in with the correct samsung account.

To locate help, open your ST app, go to Menu in the lower right of the screen, click on settings and then choose Help from the menu

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Hi jkp,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, everything has disappeared off those websites, hub, devices, app … everything. The only thing that remains is my account saying, “You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.”



Very strange! You should contact ST support and let them look into this issue.

I posted their email address above for you.

Good luck!

There are currently no issues being reported on the status page

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Does anyone else use the smartthings app on your account?

The reason I ask is because there is an option in the app to “delete all personal data“ and many people don’t realize that this will completely delete all the hub and device information. It’s not very well described and there’s no second chance question. :scream:

A couple of community members have accidentally wiped out their accounts this way. Here’s the discussion thread on that:

Private Data Delete: this will leave the hub unusable



I think I must accept that I may have deleted “Personal Data” in a “Senior Absent Moment” … it comes to us all eventually … some quicker than others!

Time to start all over again … !



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Same thing happened to me…but i can’t accept i deleted the data accidentally. According to the logs my hub was deleted about 7:30am on 8/28. I was asleep at the time. So unless my dog did it…i dont have an explanation…

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Same issue here. Started having internet problems last week, had to reset connect home hub several times. Last night, lights went crazy, internet went down, all data deleted. Hub will not connect to modem anymore, asking for manual IP address. Support no idea what’s going on and suggested everything I tried last night. All data erased on their end.

Wow! This is starting to look like something malicious.

It has me wondering what the common denominator is. Like internet modem/router models, and if they are being targeted for hacks.

Purely speculation, but if anyone has access to the traffic coming and going on their network preceding their data being deleted, that might prove useful.

It’s just bizarre

Edit: I guess the more obvious question, to start with, would be, what hub and firmware versions are you guys using?

It would be almost impossible for this to be a local network hack because that wouldn’t affect the cloud data. :thinking:

I agree that with multiple people apparently affected there’s something weird going on, but it’s much more likely to be a problem in the cloud rather than something directed at specific individual customers. That could be a hack, but it’s more likely to be a glitch.

The most important thing is to report it to support if it happened to you. They have information that we don’t, and the more people who report it, the more resources who will be assigned to look into it.

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Right. I suppose it does seem unlikely. I can’t imagine what the process would be to do such a thing, in any case.

Hopefully it’s being taken as serious as it appears to be.

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I had the same issue. So what I did is went into the IDE and changed the HUB name and then recreated my rooms and changed the location of each devise. They started to show up in the app.

Same problem occurred today on 8/30 for me.

Added a bulb last night; came back today to find broken automations/buttons and discovered there are zero devices/hubs/locations in my account on both the URL listings above.

I already tagged @Brad_ST on the other thread with the same issue but tagging him on this one as well

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Just a thought … my Samsung A12 mobile recently updated itself… (??)

same thing happen to me on Aug. 26th. I lost all my devices and scenes, not automations on the app but when I login through web looks like everything is still there. I only have one location and when I click edit location “OCF Default Location *” its false. I try switching it to true but goes back to false after I save it and go back. I contacted support on the 27th, they got back to be on the 30th asking for more info. haven’t heard back yet. I hope there is a way to fix this without starting all over again.

Smartthings finally got back to me after my hub has been offline for over a month. here is their response incase anyone else runs into a similar issue

Hi SmartThings Customer,

Thank you for your patience.

First, I want to start off by apologizing for the delayed response to your email due to a high number of support queries. We here at SmartThings support want to do everything we possibly can to help, to the furthest extent of our capabilities. I’m very sorry for the trouble.

After further investigation, it seems that your devices were removed from the system due to an abnormal error in one of our system processes. Your data is not kept after deletion and as a result, you will need to reconnect your devices to SmartThings.

This delete initially failed to complete, but was retried at the end of August and completed. The retries have been stopped and shouldn’t happen again.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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Wow. Just…wow. :scream:

Thanks for sharing that. I wonder if The other people with a similar problem around the same time ran into the same thing. :thinking:

I just opened my Smartthings app and have this notification pop up. I sure hope everything isn’t going to get deleted for the 3rd time! Has anyone else have these issues?