So frustrating: everything disappeared from my account (28 August 2021)

What the heck happened to all my devices and automations?!?!?!?!?!?
I spent hours setting everything up. Then today, i open the app. Everything is gone. Ridiculous!

I check the logs in the IDE to find “HubDeleted” entry early in the morning when i was sleeping. Followed by logs of all my devices being removed. I dont even feel like wasting my time setting everything back up, only to potentially have this happen again.

Anyone else with a similar experience?

There was another user reporting the same issue earlier today. Contact ST support and report the issue.

Just curious… what region are you in?

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I’m in Florida.

I sent them an email voicing my frustration…we’ll see what becomes of it. Unless they have some way of repopulating my devices and automations, i’m probably just going to give up on the platform entirely. This has happened to me before in the past and it’s just demoralizing to even think about having to set all the devices and routines up again.


as @JDRoberts wrote in the other thread… do you have other users who might have selected “Delete all Personal Data”?

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Nope i’m the only user on my account.

sounds like a hacking. what security software do you run on your computer and who all has access to it locally and remotely.

No one. I live alone. So unless someone accessed it remotely, which is unlikely, i can’t imaging “deleting all my smartthing devices” being on the top of a hackers list of todos lol.
I also have no reason to suspect i’ve been hacked. And since i’m not the only person that has had this happen, roughly around the same time, i suspect this is a cloud/server type issue.


most likely you accidentally clicked on something. do you sleep walk or get drunk? =]

maybe the kids or ex/wife/SO got some revenge

for years people have wanted a backup in case something like this happened.

back when there was a migration tool from hub v1 to hub v2 it wasn’t all that. once devices were transferred over even though they worked, they showed offline. this is what probably would happen with a backup.