Hub lost all info, support no help

I logged out of my app last night to try and clear up a problem adding a thing to Stringify which I’ve done many times before. When I logged back into ST hub it asked for a claim code or something and basically wanted to do a factory reset. I didn’t do that yet but all my stuff is gone and it’s asking for the code. Anyone have this happen or any ideas to recover my setup? Samsung support basically said sorry.

login to IDE at and see if you have 2 Home Locations…


What did they say literally?

Not trying to give you a hassle, but many of us have had decent and better experiences with SmartThings Support…

  • Did you reach SmartThings support, or just Samsung?
  • Did they look into your Account and Locations (locations listed under My Locations at
  • Did they have an explanation for why your hub and things might be missing / or reset?