Multiple Issues with ST integrations and devices (June 2021)

Thanks! The Zwave repair resolved my issues with turning on/off my Peanut smart plugs and Ikea lightbulbs!

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You are the second person today who reported using z-wave repair to restore use of their zigbee devices. Most likely, z-wave repair is causing the app to sync to the cloud and restore connectivity :slight_smile:

Not sure if ST has resolved all their platform issues yet.

Hi @jkp, thanks for the z-wave repair suggestion. It also worked for me. All my ZigBee lights weren’t responding for past 2 days now. Leaving the hub unplugged for 30min was a temporary fix, but went back to not responding. After doing the z-wave repair yesterday, all is working again!

Any idea how to get a full list of SmartApps that were installed prior and now arent? ActionTiles? WebCoRE etc… – so where are the SmartApps actually listed – i must be blind :slight_smile: also how do i enable dev mode?

All smartapps you had installed before the app update should still be available. Can you provide more details?

Two things…
Uninstall/reinstall the app
Enable developer mode on the app.

Also… smartapps are listed in the Automations section now

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Brilliant. Thanks. Saved me hours of searches.