Is anyone not currently having problems?

I’ve been having constant problems for the last weeks with ST basically not being able to control any z-wave devices. Tried reset, repair, etc.
I’ve done support tickets with no response.

The hub is completely useless right, I have like two devices of 50 that currently work. It was solid for about 1.5yrs then all of the sudden, garbage…
Also did not make any changes to the network, nothing.

Extremely frustrating.
In addition to not being able to control anything, my garage door opens at 2am last night…
My live logs are empty too for the devices not responding.

I haven’t noticed issues with my z-wave devices. But judging by recent posts in the forum you’re apparently not alone.

Not recently but once I was doing some electrical work took out one zwave switch and it brought SmartThings to it’s knees. I would have thought they would have fixed this by now. Some buffer overflow error. My fix was as simple as flipping the breaker back on.

Dan, where are you and roughly when did you start seeing issues?

I am in FL, major issues started two weeks ago.
Thinking a lot of people were having problems, I’ve really just waited for a fix but my devices are still useless on ST. How does it just randomly stop working after 1.5yrs of no issues??
Now I am just getting angry…

Agreed. My entire heating system is manual at the moment (UK). For us something happened on the back end 4 days ago and no one at ST wants to talk about it!

I’m on a v1 hub in Texas with about 25 devices and I’m not having any issues. (Knock on wood!!) I’ve definitely seen other people post in the forum and on the FB group about issues. I’m curious if it’s related to the region of servers you’re connecting to. I know ST had had a few outages that only impact certain areas. Either way good luck and hang in there!

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Hub V1, shard NA01… Everything is working fine.

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If Terry is asking for it, to jinx his system, then there it is…V2 here no issues, 150 devices…East Coast, shard 01

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Been waiting for support on this…
I was going to my brothers whole house based off of SmartThings but we had to cancel everything yesterday.
So broken…

No trouble here. All my devices are working correctly.

How can you identify which shard you are on?

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180 devices, V2, looking good here in the deep South.

But I have to ask…

Not a single problem in 18 months??

Are you in a version 5 hub? Cause I call a little bit of inflation on those numbers :paw_prints:


I am seeing an issue. Not sure if it is Z-Wave specific or bigger than what I am reporting, but there is definitely something going on.

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Thanks!! I gave you a like for each response. I also told two new people about ActionTiles today. :smiley:


V1 user here also, not really having any issues right now.

Currently working with ST support.
Seems like the only switches that are not working are the GE z-wave (12722) switches.
90% of the time they are completely gone from SmartThings. They will register as on or off accurately in the app but they are unable to be controlled by the app. If I restart my hub, they work for a few hours but eventually stop.

V2 / NA01 - All good here