Z-Wave Issues (US) (6 Feb 2024)

Has anyone else’s ST Z-Wave network taken a dump this evening? At some point about 4 or 5pm CST my Z-Wave devices are not responding to commands from the SmartThings app, Routines or SharpTools. Occasionally I’ll get a command action after a long period of time.

I’ve rebooted my ST hub. Z-Wave radio reports it’s good. Said devices are not reporting offline. I can manually hit a Z-Wave device and eventually it will update in the app … sometimes.

Very strange as some of this should be local.

Everything Zigbee appears okay.

Same boat. Routines not running automatically, but pressing a button for the routine does work. Simple triggers like door open - turn on lights are delayed, but… I’m used to delays with SmartThings over the last 6 months. Moving 98 devices to Hubitat sounds painful, but I’m sure SmartThings is going to push me there…


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My zwave issues started a couple months ago. Device constantly going online/offline. I ditched ST and moved my zwave devices over to HomeAssistant and a Zooz USB stick. So far, I really like it. Inclusion was so much better and being able to access all of the configs and attributes is a huge plus. Wich I had gone this route to start with on Zwave.


All helpful but can you take to another thread please.

To the subject of this thread, my issues have continued. Zigbee is fine but everything Z-Wave is either non-responsive or extremely slow (like ten mins or so).

I appreciate the comments from folks about moving to other platforms but again, that doesn’t help here.


Done. :sunglasses:

New thread created:

More reliable Relay to replace Aeotec zwave?

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In true SmartThings form, just before midnight last night all my Z-Wave devices started functioning as normal :man_shrugging:.


Zigbee :metal: Zigbee :metal: Zigbee :metal:

LOL, just kidding, sorry…


And the issue is back again.

None of my routines kicked off last night and now all of my GE and Leviton Z-Wave switches and plugs are offiline. I have been able to delete and re-add one or two but really dont want to go through that for all the remaining 20 or so.

Anyone else seeing sinmilar issues?