Adding new "Things" not working tonight (December 1, 2016)

Anyone else having problems adding new “Things” today? I have tried adding 3 switches to ST and none are working . I know these switches are good.

Added the leakSmart valve and sensor a few hours ago with no trouble at all

I deleted one of my Osram Lightify LED strips this morning because it hasn’t been working since the update and now I can not re-add it. I thought it was just me having an annoying day. Glad to know it’s not just me tho.

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I received email of North America system issues but no mention of issues adding new things. I guess it’s down then.

Thanks Jason

Anyone else experiencing issues adding tonight?

There have been multiple reports of problems with adding zigbee devices today, but it’s also clear that not all accounts are affected, so make sure you report it to support if you’re having a problem.

Tanks JD. I just opened a ticket.

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This thread has been added to the first bug reports page in the community – created wiki. SmartThings employees do not monitor that page, it is just for the use of the community.

Thank you JD!

More people reporting problems in the following thread. Originally many devices were affected, but then after a secondary update It now only seems to be zigbee devices and only some accounts.

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My issue is with Zwave. I’m trying to add Linear Lamp madures, GE Outdoor switch and Aeon meter switches none of which are being discovered by ST.

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In addition the light on my hub is blinking Green.

Green blinking is normal if you have started the add a device procedure. But you can reboot the hub to get rid of it if you need to.

Also, while it is in “add a device” mode you won’t be able to control anything else, so that also makes sense.


Same for me

I am unable to add any devices to the hub after the latest firmware update. I am trying a smartthings motion sensor and a GE On/Off switch. No matter what I do it simply won’t connect.

Currently with the support team to identify the issue but anyone here has adding new devices to hub after the update?

Haha, I didn’t have a try

Is adding new things working for anyone? I opened a ticket with Support and they think my hub is the issue. But I did not have this problem before the latest firmware update. I don’t want to pursue the hub replacement if hub is not the issue.

Is worling for me.