Multiple Issues after Hub replacement which quit accepting updates

iOS Version 10.3.2
ST App 2.4.1

Recently my Hub v2 was not accepting updates and was swapped for a new one. The hub works fine but when I check the version # in ST mobile app. It’s blank. I have reinstalled, force quit a million times to no avail. Support pushed a command once which worked for a few minutes but then after a few minutes, again reverted to blank.

Any such experience? Also can somebody let me know what the official released firmware version is (not the beta).
IDE shows 17.14.

I am fairly certain a disconnect command under the Hub utilities and force quitting the app should resolve that.

17.14 is up-to-date.

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Trying that. Rebooted the hub from the IDE and the firmware version updated.

Unfortunately it again reverted to blank firmware version. So, i can guarantee you this does not work. It works for a few minutes temporarily.

Also now the mobile presence has gone for a toss. It was rock solid for more than 2 years plus with zero issues until the hub was replaced and i had to setup everything including deleting my location. Multiple “I am back”/“Good Bye” routine within a minute.

Another issue @slagle which never gets fixed is the mode change from night to morning is never reflected correctly in the app. Waiting for this fix now more than several months or may be year+? Tim, my friend!