Hub 2 not updating after reset

bought a hubv2 on ebay. Has 022.00013 firmware.
It says its connected on the samsung app on my phone.
I’m not sure if it updated properly after the reset.

If I check the hub on the API sight, it doesn’t even have an IP address or MAC ID listed?
Any thoughts would be appreciated
I’ve called Samsung several times, open ticket # is 1299817

what are the lights on the hub doing?

I am wondering if it is a lower version that can no longer be updated… support should be able to answer that question for you. I can’t remember what version the switch was made. For some reason, 25 comes to mind or was it 19. Ha Ha I really can’t remember.

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initially, after reset, went to solid green for 30 seconds, then solid blue for 30 seconds. Did this cycle for a few iterations. Then it eventually went to all solid blue all the time

I bought 2 hubs at the same time on ebay from the same seller. Not sure what firmware version the other one started out with. But that one works fine at my regular house. The one I’m setting up now (unsuccessfully) if for a Florida snowbird home.

Yep… it was version 17 where they introduced the change so it would not apply to your case since you have a later version… sorry.

Both hubs are connected to the same network? The one that isn’t working isn’t communicating with our servers.