Most of the devices and routines gone

Today, I noticed that the night routine was missing in the app. Since the app did not indicate who removed the routine, I decided to recreate it myself. However, after saving the routine, the iOS app started acting up and displayed errors for every device routine. To make matters worse, after restarting the application, I could only see one device group and one routine assigned to my account. Approximately 70 devices and about 100 routines, including the hub, are now missing.

@AlejandroPadilla, could you please restore my account? I am currently on a business trip and do not have hands-on access to the devices.

May be best to open a ticket with ST support

what is the best way to do it ?
The Error report in the application doesn’t even have “application” or “st platform” listed , they assume that user can have with one device

Call us is just a the phone call to the US (the number you dialed is not in use), and i don’t have the device IDs , logs on my hands

Local support chat says
Sorry, there are no Samsung support representatives available at the moment as we are currently closed. Our opening hours for live online chat are Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00 | Sat-Sun 10:00 – 15:00 | Welcome back later.

And it’s Sunday 11:40

Choosing “Smart Home Hub” or “Other” are probably your two choices. Trying to get in touch with Support over the weekend is tough.

Have you logged into the or Advanced Web App to check if devices or Routines show?

Good luck… it must be a frustrating situation you are experiencing.

In the Advanced Web App, I can see all of my devices, but not in the web app (the same 4 devices as in the iOS app).

At the same time routines and scenes are corrupted everywhere.

How is it even possible? :frowning:

On the positive side… if all your devices and routines appear in the Advanced Web App that is a good sign. There must be some issue on the back end with your account that Support can resolve.

I would not do anything on your end at this point such as trying to add existing devices or creating Routines. Let Support fix your issue which probably will be on Monday at the earliest.

one additional thought… you mentioned you are away from home. Any possibility that something is blocking the app from loading such as a firewall or VPN? you can try testing using cellular only or wifi only (if available) on your mobile device. again… just a thought… probably not going to resolve your issue.

I guess if there is a problem accessing but not you might conceivably see weird stuff like this.

There can also be API problems if is resolving a CloudFront point of presence outside your account region, though I’ve only seen that as an issue with schema apps.

If you ignore what the mobile and web apps are telling you, would you have any reason to think anything is wrong?

All of my smart home automations have disappeared, and both the iOS and web apps only show four devices.
This means I won’t be able to receive notifications from my sirens and leak sensors, or open my door using the app.
I hope everything else is still okay with my apartment.

Hi @veonua, in this case, @jkp is right you must contact customer support they normally have more tools to investigate this type of issue.

from my perspective, if you see the devices on but not in the app, you can validate that those devices aren’t hidden you can validate if you go to Manage devices to use on the app. If you validate it, the problem must be in the way the app is getting that device.

those are my first thoughts

You are not alone. But I have 150+ devices.
Mine did ot disappear, but the device list on the web just not working (error500)
They postponed the update to oct 16, so maybe they are working on it?
Support just doesn’t answer via WhatsApp.

Update 18-10-23 Support UK solved my problem. No idea how, but all correct so I am happy agsin

During these days I spent an hour on my phone with support.
I rebooted my phone many times to make sure I was using the correct password. And provided screenshots of each tab.

In the end, support proposed me just to recreate my account. That brilliant idea given that Im away from home.

This! I did not hide any devices (only fixed the rule) but yes all the devices were hidden. Also, the rules appeared in the app, some of them are still corrupted but I hope I can fix them via the app.

Thank you so much :+1:


Just happened: About half (?) of my Manually run Routines/Scenes disappeared from the listing in the app, and where they are used in Routines they are replaced by an exclamation mark.

In the "Advanced web " listing of Scenes (yes, Scenes) they are gone too, but in the detail view of the Routines they are denoted as Unknown scenes. Each such Unknown scene is accessible in the sub detail view but a spinning wheel is all that is displayed.

Annoying and possibly, inconsistent.

(I’ve been plagued lately by some Zigbee devices (some of which are used in the above mentioned scenes, but never as a sole device ) going offline , some permanently, some coming online after a few hours or days. Never been a problem of any magnitude until now.)



Going through my devices and stuff, I found numerous issues, including missing devices, devices that ST says are online but do not have the correct driver to work, and then most of the scenes and routines that used to be local are mostly now cloud. I’m amaze that class action suits are in progress against Samsung in this Edgy fiasco.

Hello @S.F.B. As I understand, actually this is an expected behavior in a routine when the device goes offline. What I can suggest from our side is, you can check if devices are hidden and change them.

But, since this question is actually out of our scope, you can contact customer support for more help.

Thank you for your answer.

However all devices included in the now disappeared scenes (Manually run routines) are online and not hidden.

As I believe that this issue is fairly common and that the Support serves US customers only and thus will refer to the virtually non-existent UK Support that will refer back to the US Support… I think that it obviously should be in scope for you and your team?

Scratch the above. Sorry.
Actually none the devices of the missing Manually run routines were hidden as mentioned above but for some reason the room they are in was in itself hidden for some reason beyond my understanding. When the room was un-hidden the routines showed up. So good so far.

But the UX of the app thus leaves something to be desired, I would say.