Devices, scenes, and routines are now gone!

At exactly 9:00 PM today EST. My wife received a bunch of notifications that devices were being deleted from my Google home app. I log into my SmartThings app and most of my devices, routines, and scenes are now gone!

Has anyone else seen this problem? is there any way to recover? The last thing I want to do is rebuild my smart house. It seems like over 50 devices were deleted, half of my scenes are gone, and I only have a hand full of my routines.

No problems here on my iPad or iPhone.

another user was reporting a similar experience but probably not related:

do report the issue to ST support so they can investigate

This seems to have happened to me too. I don’t know if it happened at 9, but gone when I got back at 11pm. Only a handful remain.

No notification from Smartthings that anything wrong. Smartthings Status shows Operational. Only thing showing under Favorites are my cameras. Everything else is gone. Scenes are gone, All lighting devices gone, Smart lighting gone. Logging into IDE shows very few devices listed.

I had the exact same thing happen at about the same minute! 6PM PST, Google started telling me that devices were being removed. Now everything that’s not linked through another provider (like Arlo) is gone from Smartthings.
If I try to log in to the IDE, I get a warning that the page hasn’t responded in time and I can’t.
No idea what to do.

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You may want to start using SmartThings API Browser+ in place of IDE. IDE is in the process of being shutdown and it will be cease at some point.

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I am in the same boat. There is another thread on this

I am too. What is the other thread?

Other thread here.

My devices, routines and hub disappeared last night about 9:00 PM CST in the app, IDE and my.smartthings site, all I have listed are the rooms. I have contacted supported with the only solution offered to remove and reinstall the app on my iPhone.

Has anyone had a better response from support?

So far no solutions…have yet to be seen. This is widespread. Quite a few users are having this issue.

Im having the same issue. Samsung have emailed me saying it was their fault and they cannot fix it. I have spent all day trying to speak to them but I am getting nothing useful. I have 118 smartthings devices that are now useless

The message from Samsung is “Someone did something. Oh well, it’s your problem.” On top of that, when I now attempt to re-install edge drivers, I get the message that my V2 hub won’t support edge drivers, even though they were running just fine before this happened. I’ve had it! I have been considering moving to Hubitat for quite some time now. I just pulled the trigger and ordered a Hubitat hub. I figure that since this happened, Hubitat can only get stronger!

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It has NOT been fun