All devices and routines missing from IOS device but are available online

All of my devices and routines are missing from my IOS device but are available online. I have tried logging out and in multiple times but still can’t see any of my devices/routines for my home. Is there any new update this past month that anyone else is seeing (or not seeing) their items?


If you are referring to the Classic app, there have not been any updates to that app in 11 months.

You may want to contact ST support and have them look into this.

Calling is the best method and speaking with a rep directly. :slight_smile:

Also, check to see if you have more than one Location. It may be easy to fix simply by switching Locations to the one that contains your hub.

This usually happens because your account has been upgraded to a Samsung login and a new default location was automatically created for you, but it’s not the location that has your devices. :scream:

This could happen without you receiving any notification. Support should be able to fix it for you, but you can usually also fix it on your own:

See the community FAQ:

FAQ: Common issues encountered migrating from a SmartThings to Samsung account (or: "Help! My hub/devices have disappeared!")

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