Devices disappeared, but Webcore, routines etc still working

Weird one, all my routines and webcore pumps are working a treat, but within the iOS App SmartThings (latest) devices have disappeared in a room.

It’s not just one type or manufacture but includes;

Virtual Switches
Samsung Arrival Sensors
Samsung Motion Detectors
Hue spots

… they’re all still visible in the SmartThings dashboard online, tried moving them around but that didn’t help. If open the app on another device, for a split second I can see all the devices then they disappear and then won’t come back. If I log out and back in – still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated, I don’t know when it first occurred as I don’t use the app all that much with all the automation I have in place.


check in menu > devices to see if they are showing there. if not, you may have some type of sync issue which will require you to contact ST support. i bet the first thing they will ask you to do is uninstall/reinstall the iOS app. note: that will cause your dashboard to rearrange when you log back in.

Thanks for the reply, forgot to say I’d looked in devices and they weren’t there either.

I’ll hold on a bit longer in case anyone comes up with some additional tips that might be worthwhile checking before I contact ST.


best advice… contact ST support.