My devices and routines disppeared for no reason! (18 nov 2022)

Noticed all my devices, routines, etc. are gone from the ST app and all lights and plugs are turned on!!!
I had many devices and routines!
Has this happened to anyone else?

Probably due to the ongoing migration. I had some devices drop off today. I re-added them. No big deal. Take a deep breath and work it out. Things will be iffy for a bit till the migration is done…it’s not like they didn’t provide a warning about the architectural migration away from the Groovy IDE. We all wish it wasn’t happening but it is what it is.

Yes I agree it happens but they could at least give a backup feature to users before doing any changes. It wasn’t a big deal if I had a few devices and routines. But I had many routines and many devices and adding them all again will take me at least a month to put the devices in pairing mode, create the routines, etc. Most likely I’ll move to Home Assistant.

I hear you but it’s not like any of this is a surprise. I’ve been moving all my critical items to edge drivers over the last month or so. But yeah, do what works for you.

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