More than a dozen Zigbee devices went Offline within an hour of each other

One nice thing about the new mobile app is to quickly be able to see if a device goes offline with the health check option. Things have been working great for me for nearly a year with only one or two devices here and there dropping off but I wonder what could cause more than twelve devices to go offline at once? They are all battery-powered devices, it includes Iris contacts & motion sensors, PEQ contacts and leak detector, Samsung branded motion sensors and contacts. None of my pocket outlets went offline so I’m guessing that I should still have a strong mesh.

I checked all the batteries when I went around to re-activate the devices and they were all good. A few sensors would work for about a day and then go offline again so I would have to reset again. I also did a cold reboot of the hub. Finally, I decided to enable OTA firmware update on the hub so I’m hoping that might help fix things.

I have read about others having a similar situation where multiple devices would drop off at once. I guess it’s my turn. :frowning: I’m slowly bring them back online but a few devices are being stubborn. This may only be anecdotal, but it seems like I have the most problem with my Zigbee devices.

There are a couple of posts about this issue and sounded like quite a few of us are having the same problem. The new firmware and the health check probably are the cause. I have health check disable and seem to be working for now.

From what I’ve seen, SmartThings changes the status of all the devices every time the hub goes offline.

When the hub comes back online it doesn’t change the status of the devices back to online so the devices appear offline until the next time they have activity.

That’s not really an issue for devices that check in every 5-10 minutes, but devices like contact sensors may appear offline for hours or event days.

If you open the device you can tap the x to hide the offline message and any interaction with it might make it appear online again.

Thanks for the tip, I know that my router tends to get fatal errors and will reboot itself every few days or so. That is probably causing the hub to go offline for a few minutes. I will try your suggestion the next time it happens or maybe just turn off health check altogether.

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Happening to me too, I’ve got 3 offline device at the moment. Really annoying to babysit smartthings. No idea why a simple health check would cause them to go offline…

My hunch is that it is due to the health check, but I could be wrong. Here is my post on the issue:

I think a combination of changing my wifi channel and moving the router made the biggest gains. I hadn’t had an issue where the hub was for eons, so who knows. I still have some leak sensors that aren’t online, but I haven’t had a chance to work with them.

That link didn’t work right, look at the original thread:

Has there been any resolution here? All of my Samsung Multipurpose sensors are offline. I started a support ticket, has anyone confirmed if this is related to the recent firmware update?

I went around and reset all my sensors and now they seem to be working fine. I’m still not sure what caused them all to go offline but it may just be coincidence or possibly the health check option in the new app as some have suggested. Even so, I still have my health check option still enabled.

My st outlet and multipurpose sensor also went offline but when I disabled the device health monitor both seems fine very odd

There have been multiple reports in the last few weeks about devices showing as off-line and then strange behavior. Definitely report it to support. They may be able to see something from their side.

It might be related to the following