Devices Suddenly Offline (30 Sept 23)

Hello, when I got home tonight, I found that 23 (of 146) of my devices are suddenly offline. This is totally random, it was all working fine in the afternoon when I left,

What could have caused this to happen? How may I reconnect these devices, short of reinstalling them one by one? Is there a glitch at SmartThings right now?

I already rebooted the hub 2x, and I restarted the ST app, no change. I also tried doing a z wave repair. No difference. Will this resolve itself on its own?

Thanks in advance.


I’m sure that’s very frustrating. There are a number of different things that can cause that issue. What’s the brand and model of the affected devices? Any pattern there? (Like z wave devices being fine, but Zigbee devices all being marked off-line, or vice versa. Or Z wave sensors being fine, but z wave light switches being off-line.)

Also, which model smartthings/Aeotec hub do you have? And which country are you in?

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have the Smartthings V2 hub, and am in the USA. All of the affected devices are z wave, and most are wal switches/dimmers with some outlet switches. There might be a couple of battery powered sensors, not sure.

But anyway, since I can’t sleep last night, I decided to go through all of the wall mounted switches and reset them, at least the ones that have an accessible power shut off switch. I unplugged and replugged the outlet switches, as well as the z wave repeaters… I have mixture of Aotec and Zooz switches and repeaters, and an inovelli outlet switch. I am so have about 6 Scjlage smartlocks and a Yale one. i got them back online, except for maybe a couple that I will work on right now.

What is annoying is that this can happen all of a sudden, without warning. I read something about doing a whole house reset, which I have never done. I dread when I have to reset all of the battery operated sensors, as some of them are difficult to access

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That was a how to post by one community member, who found that it did solve a problem that had been unresolved. But I’ve never heard of anybody else having to do that. And that particular community member was unaware of how to read the error messages from a zWave repair, or what the next steps might be based on those error messages, so we don’t really know what all the diagnostic information was on that one. :man_shrugging:t2:

All of that said, devices being marked off-line is a thing that smartthings does for itself, it’s not part of the independent third-party standard, and it can definitely be glitchy. :thinking:

I have had increased offline devices in the last weeks as well. Somtimes things come back to working after several days, but I have had zigbee bulbs go offline as well as some zwave hardwired stuff. Since edge, the overall ST reliability has decreased. I have several hub brands and I will say I’ve had issues with dropouts on all hubs though (havent had the time to trouble shoot why for each hub; for HA, I assume it is updates).
When most things were cloud with ST, reliability was much higher as a whole, which is ironic. And if I got that ‘offline’ error, it would be short lived error, or just an occasional device reset (like pulling the airgap on switch). I wish I had more time to chase down issues, but it is always something new nowadays. My short term solution [due to time constraints] is to keep excluding from one hub and adding to another hub when I can’t get something back on line.

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K y’all are not the only one I have been fighting with 3 or 4 device constantly going offline So for 5 - 6 years very seldom had problems NOW we’re having these little issue WHAT CHANGED??? So mine a Kwikset 912 Lever type that is constantly dropping offline So i replaced the batteries thinking maybe it was low because I gave up on the battery level being updated it’s been on 80% for 6 months
So everybody thinks maybe it’s to far away from the HUB not the HUB sit’s in Livingroom and it’s 10’ from front door so eliminated the comm being a issue I have been messing with it for the last 2 days rebooted 4 - 5 times to no avail they come and go randomly BUT it is the same ones so there is something going on the other 2 things are a GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat out in my Garage it is the farthest device in my system never had any problem except for the last week or so and a Z-Wave Extender been dropping offline so I guess all of us have to sit and wait for a fix, changing driver doesn’t fix it