Zigbee Devices Going Offline

Looking for any suggestions regarding why all of my battery powered zigbee devices have suddenly gone offline. Happened two nights ago and they restored overnight, then happened again today. I’ve tried to reboot the hub, rebuild the zigbee mesh by powering off the hub for 30 minutes, remove and restore batteries to devices, etc. Have also checked the wifi channel to ensure not using the same channel and interfering there. I do have some other zigbee devices (Centralite plugs basically) that are powered by house power and are still online, but anything that is battery powered is experiencing issues. Thanks in advance, appreciated.

If you have any, ANY powered Zigbee devices showing offline in the app, unplug them. Let them remain offline a day or so. Sometimes I get a Centralite plug that flakes out.

If that isn’t an issue, how many battery powered devices do you have and how many repeating devices?

@Nameless So in what has become the normal fashion, just about all of my devices came back online this evening. Right now I only have one or two offline, which may also resolve themselves if the pattern holds true as it previously did.

If/when it happens again, I’ll try your suggestion, thanks. If I recall, I did have at least one powered Zigbee that went offline (maybe or maybe not coincidentally, a Centralite device as well), so definitely worth looking at.

Will follow-up in a few days, thanks!

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I had a couple battery powered zigbee devices that were consistently offline over the past few days. I manually removed and rejoined those devices and also changed my wifi channel from auto (on 8 at the time) to channel 6. Since doing those two things, everything has been stable (for now).

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