All Zigbee devices are offline

I am working with support with this, but I was curious if the community had any suggestions. All of my SmartSense Moisture Sensors, SmartSense motion sensors and SmartPower outlets show as offline. All zwave/wifi devices are fine. I have a few other Aeon multisensors that appear to be fine, however, I replaced the batteries in one, and that will now not come online. Support was able to get one (so far) SmartPower outlets back up and running. Any thoughts?

  1. I don’t have specific knowledge on your zigbee issue- here is my general response when I had your symptoms:

  2. try moving the hub away from the wireless router and any access point

  3. could try changing your wifi network channel which may interfere with your zigbee channel

  4. rotate the hub 60-90 degrees, and elevate for better range.

  5. repair the zigbee mesh by turning the hub off for 15 minute (with batteries removed) then let it remain on for 30 minutes. Repeat once or twice.

  6. FYI, the situation may not respond to your efforts since the hub and cloud get quiet updates at any time . For example Friday appx 3am-4am EDT my hub-v1 went offline at least twice (which is a little unusual since it happens irregularly about 6-10 times a year in the past 2 years). Usually that is from a ST hub or system update, of which I may or may not have been notified in advance by channels that I do not monitor closely. Afterwards I go to the forums and usually see that other users report similar incidents.

Ok, Eric, thanks for your thoughts.

For Number 2: I found a 15’ Ethernet cable, and power cord, and moved the hub as far away as I could. I’ve had smartthings for about 3 years now, and never had a problem. I’ve read this before, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ll have to remount everything at a later time. My utility room looks like a spider web :slight_smile:

For Number 3: I honestly had forgotten that I got a new router, and never went back to hard code the wifi channel to 11. I remedied that this morning.

For Number 4: See aforementioned Spider web :slight_smile:

For Number 5: This is my first go-to solution. I unplugged it for about 1/2 hour again. I had to move it anyways.

And… bingo. Most of the devices are coming back online by themselves. The only things left are the water sensors not coming online. I’ll give them a bit and try pulling the battery and seeing if that doesn’t work.

At least all my automation works again. Hopefully this can help someone in the future.

Thanks much!