Missing Devices Issues Migrating to New ST App

@Brad_ST Wow! Looks like all my devices are working, i can add new devices and i can invite new members. It’s been a stressful month trying get these issues resolved through CS, so thank you for your help, really appreciate it!

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I am on the same boat. My account region is US (for some reason) and my actual location is in Greece so I have lots of devices missing, including my Konnected setup. I have two support tickets going, 1030687 (Devices do not show up in new SmartThings app) and 1034069 (Konnected user’s devices not appearing in new app). These tickets are almost two months old now (supposedly developers looking into it) and still no resolution. @Brad_ST Is there any update on resolving this issue without having to create a new account? I have services connected to this account (like ActionTiles) and I am worried creating a new account will mess things up. One thing I did try was to create a new location in the US and then re-adding my Konnected device to that location, which seemed to work (the Konnected devices showed up in the new US location), but then there is no way to merge the locations (so I can bring my US location devices back to the Greek location). Any advice?