Migrating to new app - Many issues

So having been a user of ST for a few years now, with a reasonable amount of devices and integration to Hive, Next, Blink etc I thought I should review the new app and see if its possible to migrate. Also I would like to install a new ST system in another property so I wanted to see how I can do some things I do today with the classic app. This is what I found and I was wondering if anyone as had the same experiences and can offer any tips or if my experience will help others maybe.,

  1. You need to install the smart monitoring to be able to be able to use the security, smoke , leak functionality in the new app. Found that by accident… surely that should be there as standard.
  2. When you set the mode to arm int he new app the classic app doesn’t show the same status… why not? this implies they are run on separate platforms but I found other things that point to this not being the case…
  3. One of the sensors did not show correctly in the app and removing it from the new app also deleted it from the classic app … so the platforms are linked
  4. The main and really annoying thing with the new app and the one of two points that stops me migrating … is the new app does not appear to support the use of locations to change the mode. It uses location to send a reminder which is a backwards step in my view. You need to fix this Samsung
  5. The lack of routines in the new app also stop me migrating as I use the good morning and good night routines and have them linked to Alexa. can see anyway of doing this in new app. I also changed the good morning to auto change mode based on activity …again cant do that in new app
  6. And finally the new app seems to find my iphone multiple times with different names which mess’s with the location setting on the classic app

So result… deleted new app and staying with classic as new app is simply not there by a long way.

Now unless I have misunderstood the new app which if I have is not good as people less techy than me wont get it either.

Hopefully Samsung will read and maybe build in some changes to the new app as I do agree the way forward is all Samsung platforms, but until it mirrors the old app I cant migrate and I dare say others will say similar.
Also hoping that some comments might be helpful to others and maybe me.

Thanks for reading


You’ve got various inaccuracies in your assessment, but the overall point is that everyone should be advised to stay on Classic App if they don’t have any pressing needs (such as Samsung Appliances) to use New App.

SmartThings has not made efforts (yet?) to educate Classic customers on best practices and other knowledge for transition.

For example…

Both Apps connect to exactly the same SmartThings Cloud and thus share most of the same data records.

Classic SHM and New SHM run in the same Cloud but are entirely different SmartApps!!!. It was an oversight of SmartThings to give them the same name - but then again, these 2 different SmartApps perform the same function, so coming up with a new name must have been a challenge that the Product Manager decided to avoid.


Thanks for replying. I wasn’t sure if they were on the same platform as I found that setting the mode to away in the new app didnt update the classic app which still reported in disarmed mode. But that didnt make sense in my head as I thought surely they would be the same platform. If you can tell me where 've gone wrong… i’m always willing to learn … thank you .

By the way I use ActionTiles and it is without doubt one of the best platforms available to ST users. Thank you .

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I think the corporate expectation was that the classic app would be retired when the new app was released. But they didn’t hit the deadline ( release of the galaxy 9 phone) and they needed to keep the old app around. Hence the confusion.

I’m just guessing on all that but it would make more sense than somebody consciously deciding it was OK to have two completely different features with the same name. :wink:

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Thanks for this. Have you upgraded to new hub v3? I am hesitant to try changing hubs and app. Wish there was better guidance to upgrade hub

V3 is not a significant enough upgrade from V2 to be worthwhile for the most customers, especially with no migration tool.

Good reasons to wait:

  1. New App allows multiple Hubs in one “Location” including letting SmartApps, SHM, Scenes, etc., across the Hubs.

  2. A Migration Tool is coming. Someday. It may not be worth waiting if there’s a compelling reason to get a new Hub, but still… patience may be rewarded.

Personally I am in the process of manually upgrading because my Hub is still V1 (original, vintage, Kickstarter!), and I needed a new WiFi system at home so I got the SmartThings WiFi Mesh kit anyway.

Having a Location support multiple Hubs now makes manually migration quite a bit easier, though.

Thanks for the replies. No I havent updated to V3 im still on V2 and the reason is I didnt seen any significant benefit to move to V3 in fact as I believe V3 doesnt have the battery backup that the V2 as it was a downgrade to me.

I actually run all my hubs and internet router on a ups anyway but again still no real benefit.

One thing I am not sure on and I think JDRoberts knows the answer to this one. I dont know if V3 makes use of the newer generations of zigbee and or zwave or that is simply a software update that can be apply to V2 hubs. And secondly I dont know of any other benefits for the V3.

Just about to buy a V3 for another property so I’ll see if is any good … but I will run this on the classic app until the new app is ready thou


Hey, you know what doesn’t WORK WITH SMARTTHINGS? The new Smartthings app!!



So I knew I was in trouble with the new app when all but one of my virtual switches show disconnected. I called customer support and she asked what brand were my virtual switch. From there the ‘help’ went down hill rapidly.

Seem to be a lot missing. I had 25 routines. They are gone. That hubitat my brother gave me last week is starting to look pretty good.

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Hi there,

Have you updated your assessment of this new app? I’m wondering if I should move to the new app and also upgrade my hub too? Or just leave all as is. Nothing broken so I’m tempted to stay put.


Don’t break what isn’t broken.

It is inevitable that “sooner or later” the New App will be optimal (and the Classic App) will be deprecated. Some SmartThings customers literally don’t think this will happen for years - I wonder what dimension they are living in!

But then again, I can’t predict the moment (or the amount of notice) either. If I were to make a random guess… Classic App disabled in 9 to 12 months, with 60 to 90 days notice. That is JUST a guess.

According to the latest unscientific poll in the SmartThings Users Group on Facebook, Classic App is still very popular. But one factor is that a lot of customers are just not giving New App a fair shake. Why deal with something that even has minor annoyances while Classic is still working?


Hi Graeme

Still not there yet I would say. If anything I would say the biggest obstacle to adopt the new app is the attitude of ST support. They automatically defend and want to blame anything else rather than their systems and its a fight to get past that. At present I have been testing the new app location functionality and it does not work. You switch on “use phone location” in the app and it switches itself off soon after. ST support blamed my iphone and then IOS both of which are fairly new (iphone xs IOS 13) I do believe they are struggling running the new platforms as when I turn on location in new app it duplicate my iphone as a device in the classic app… and ST support wont listen. So my advise to anyone at present is stick with the classic until ST can correct the code and write the app so it is reliable and works, also for ST support to have an attitude make over towards their customers and accept that any feedback is useful to achieve this. Right just step off my soap box now.

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Just to add to previous posts. I have an open ticket with ST re the phone location in the new app. I have found it enables and then after a while switches itself off, but not before it creates multiple entries in the device list for the phone. So each time you enable … the more phone devices which then totally confuses both new and old classic app. Now trying getting ST support to understand this and do something about it. At first they want to blame the IOS level of my phone… proved its not that … then they ask me to delete the multiple entries, which I had already done … but they don’t seem to get it. What will it take for ST support to step up and start fixing problems rather than resorting to using the same excuses time and time again. Myself I have given up and started looking for an alternative platform to ST. once I find a way to reuse my existing devices I will be off and if I think this way so will many others// So ST wake up or fold up !!

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It will turn itself off on iOS if you still have the Classic app installed. Mine finally stayed enabled after deleting the Classic app from my phone. I now only have Classic on an iPad at home.

Thanks i did think that might be the case so i pointed this out to ST support but they didnt pick up on it or mention that. Will have to try and see what happens .

Thank you got the detailed views, appreciated!

Thank you, as always, for the the detailed views, appreciated!

Separate note and maybe better for a different thread. If so let me know.

I’d like to work a way that based on a notification to a fire tablet, that the ST app changes to a predefined mode/or off (aim being to arm or disarm my smart alarm, from a dedicated ‘semi-smart’ house alarm). ?