Another Migration Mess, no smart monitors and multiple locations?!

Hi there,

Finally had to bite the bullet and migrate to the new app after years of holding off.
First issue I noticed is that my Smart (or not so smart) home monitor cannot find any sensors even though there are about 10 showing in the device list. I have 5 Samsung motion sensors and about 10 door contacts, all showing and alerting open/closed, but the home monitor can’t see them?

Second issue is that all my devices were at the same location on the classic app, ‘Home’. Now, after migration, I have about 10 lights, my hub, my 2 hue hubs, my hive hub and some sensors all at the wrong location. These are at a ‘default’ location, everything else is at the correct ‘Home’ location. I cannot work out how to move them to the new location. The two Hue hubs are controlling all the light in the house, and the lights are all working even thought the hubs are showing at a different location.

Any ideas how to get this all back to how it should be and how it was on the classic app?


Uninstall STHM and reinstall it. That should resolve the missing sensors. To remove, go to menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) select Smartapps and click on More Options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and choose Delete. To add it back, click on + (plus) in the upper right. But seeing you report the hub is in the wrong location… contact ST support first.

As for the devices in the wrong location, contact ST support. How many devices do you have in the Home location? Moving the hub from the wrong location may not be a good idea. And not knowing how everything is set up… I would feel more comfortable if you contact ST support.


Thanks for the reply, the deleting of the SHM and adding again worked, so thanks a lot!

Still waiting for the ST team to get back to me about the new location and the devices within it.

I am having the same problem and SmartThings (And Samsung) Support have failed to solce the issue for FOUR weeks now. Initially they did respond at least (asking for my adress, phone number, Device ID, etc…), but have since gone completely cold despite me writing them every two days (pr perhaps because of that).

Totally unacceptable.

I sent them another email this morning chasing it up. The reply I got last week asked if they had my permission to access the account and take a look, to which I immediately reply ‘Yes, do anyhting you need to do to get it working, becasue at the moment, my whole setup is screwed.’, but still have not heard anything, hence the chase up email this morning.

Let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same

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Is there ANYONE from smartthings support on this forum?! I cannot get hold of anyone on the support email address, and the system is still knackered…

Forced to migrate from the old smartthings and don’t like the unreliability and bugginess of the new app.

I have 2 motion sensor that are triggering in the living room although the smart home monitor is disarmed. To top it off, when I click on the sensor that alerts, smartthings tells me it is not connected and cannot show status. How do we get alerts for a sensor that the app doesn’t recognize? Based on prior discussion in this thread, I uninstalled and reinstalled the smartthings app but doesn’t resolve the issue. For now I have silenced the app completely from any kind of alerts making the new app useless.

Brand/model of the sensor? Are you using a custom device handler for it?

One option to try, uninstall the STHM app and reinstall it.