New Android Smartthings app -- no device migration?

Is it just me? Or do we have to re-populate our entire mobile ST app on conversion to the new ST app. If so, this would be the second time – the first being when I upgraded from Hub V1 to V2.

Sorry to vent, but …isn’t it true that IoT users are often busy people who want technology to work FOR us? I launched the new ST app, and low and behold: NO migration. No locks, no lights, no sprinkler system. And I don’t have a half day to drill down to exclude/include my dozens of devices to get up and running again.

Again I ask: is it (just) me?

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Was you told to swap apps by the old classic login?

At no point should anyone optionally migrate, you will be told to move when your account is ready.


The account migration will make the new app work. Until then (and even after), Classic only.

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Thanks Kraeg and Jimmy - I thought I was directed, yes - but perhaps I was not. So back to Classic, it is. thanks for confirming my instinct that I can get the best help on Community. Chris

You will get a banner in the Classic app when it’s time to do the account migration.

Thanks again, Jimmy!

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So my Galaxy S9 opened up the “new” SmartThings app tonight and said it was importing devices. It sat for a minute and brought in 60+ devices. Unfortunately saying its awful is a understatment. Temp sensors when clicked on default to humidity in the main tile, all devices connected to ST_Anything and Konnected report back “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again”. The coloring is reversed from the “classic” app so a locked door shows a grey background and unlocked is a happy blue. There are no dimmer/level controls on anything. List goes on and on. Thankfully my classic app still works.

This isn’t even close to done…

The app is currently under development, the old app still works perfectly fine, apart from being curious at what is being developed OR there is a new Samsung device that requires the app it is advisable to not use it in any manner

Tell my phone that which keeps trying to get me to use it. It prompted for my Samsung account randomly so I entered it. It then said it was setting up my devices and then even made a dashboard as part of my phone. I didn’t click anything, start anything, install anything. Samsung phone did it on its own. I did enter my credentials but honestly I wasn’t sure what it was doing and since I do use Samsung Connect for my Gear S3 I assumed it was related.

Saying its under development is a huge understatement…its barely functional. It did add SmartThings widgets to my Gear S3 which is neat. Too bad they also barely function like the app…no dimmer control (on/off only) takes 8 - 10 seconds to turn something on or off, and only a couple stock DTH’s work. Not sure why they would push something that asked me to login to complete setup when its this far from being complete.

No idea why. Best guess a new version is out soon so perhaps it is in readiness

I use an s7 with an s3 and the s3 app, never really seen anything usefull between s3 and connect which is now smartthings, apart from showing battery state and connection in the smartthings app at the mo there is little there of interest