Meross integration (April 29, 2022)

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing sync issues between Meross and SmartThings recently?

If I control Meross devices through the Meross app or Homekit, the device status is never reflected in the ST app. I do get the proper status in all locations if I control the device from the ST app.

I can go to Linked Services, click Done and the proper status for Meross devices is reflected in the ST app. But further changes made to devices from the Meross app, Homekit or other does not change in the ST app again. So basically, I am not seeing the correct status of Meross devices reflected in the ST app when a change is not made from the ST app. So it messes up some Routines.

Just tested this with their air purifier. Turned it off from homekit and the status updated reasonably quickly in the smartthings app.

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thanks… guess I will wipe it out and start again to see if I can resolve it

Update: removing/relinking resolved the issue.

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I know of one related issue with Meross integrations, if you have two SmartThings phone or accounts link to the same Meross account, it breaks one of the integrations because apparently the callbacks gets messed on Meross’s side according to one of the engineers I spoke to.

You can only use one OAuth integration at a time for each Meross account. If it gets cross linked the only solution is to erase all integrations and then reauthorize it once.

I have a number of Meross switches and plugs, and just installed the three door garage opener. I have no problem with the updating in SmartThings. Yes it updates faster in the Home-kit app, the Meross app. Just a slight delay in SmartThings.

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