Meross integration (April 29, 2022)

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing sync issues between Meross and SmartThings recently?

If I control Meross devices through the Meross app or Homekit, the device status is never reflected in the ST app. I do get the proper status in all locations if I control the device from the ST app.

I can go to Linked Services, click Done and the proper status for Meross devices is reflected in the ST app. But further changes made to devices from the Meross app, Homekit or other does not change in the ST app again. So basically, I am not seeing the correct status of Meross devices reflected in the ST app when a change is not made from the ST app. So it messes up some Routines.

Just tested this with their air purifier. Turned it off from homekit and the status updated reasonably quickly in the smartthings app.

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thanks… guess I will wipe it out and start again to see if I can resolve it

Update: removing/relinking resolved the issue.

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I know of one related issue with Meross integrations, if you have two SmartThings phone or accounts link to the same Meross account, it breaks one of the integrations because apparently the callbacks gets messed on Meross’s side according to one of the engineers I spoke to.

You can only use one OAuth integration at a time for each Meross account. If it gets cross linked the only solution is to erase all integrations and then reauthorize it once.

I have a number of Meross switches and plugs, and just installed the three door garage opener. I have no problem with the updating in SmartThings. Yes it updates faster in the Home-kit app, the Meross app. Just a slight delay in SmartThings.

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Anyone tried to add a Meross device lately? I have about 7 already installed and looking to add more but get stuck at the select location screen and it just sits.

android or iOS?

have you tried going to Menu > settings > Linked services and click on Meross. see if the new device is listed and click Done.

I tested on iOS and got past the Location Rooms. Perhaps force quit the app and try again.

There have been several users report getting stuck at that spot recently. If it persists, report it to ST support through the app and include logs.

Interestingly enough I went to the IDE to see if there was some way to force it and while it is getting stuck it seems as if it is processing on the back end since all devices are appearing. I just never thought to look since it was hanging! Thanks for responding and for the record iOS. Yes I had tried force quitting and am still not getting past the hung location/room screen. I will keep trying and then reach out to ST if it still persists.

several users using iOS have reported the same issue since the latest app update. Report it to ST support and let them investigate. :slight_smile:


I could scream! Support had me delete the account link to Meross. So now I have removed all access to all the old devices!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: “Sorry about that. I will escalate and we will hear back in 1 to 2 days.” Great thanks for leaving me in a worse position then when I called! Stupid me for not trusting my gut!

yep… that is frustrating. sorry, I only wanted you to report it and nothing else :frowning:

support does give the advice to delete/remove when it is not needed.

Do you have any other devices you can try to add them back? I assume you are currently unable to.

I only wanted to report it too! Unfortunately because it hangs it is not pulling anything over which renders all the devices useless for automation and voice control. Only means for use is through the Meross app. Can you hear my sobbing?!

I’m so sorry you’re going through that. :disappointed_relieved:

I have had this once or twice with my Meross devices when it turned out that the Meross app was telling me the device needed a firmware update. It seems like it then would not communicate with smartthings about that device until it was updated, although it would continue to work in HomeKit.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, I’d suggest going into the Meross app and looking at the details for each individual device just to see if there’s a firmware update pending.

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Great thought but I found a workaround! I was able to re-link using my iPad. Ughhhhh…I am so spoiled…two days without it and then the thought of waiting on Samsung had my blood boiling! Thank god I didn’t stop noodling! Thanks guys!

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Acording to leatest news The End of Groovy Has Arrived
Is there any informations about support Meross integration with smartthings?

Meross is supported through the official Meross integration. It is already using the new architecture. Anytime you see Placeholder for Devices in IDE… you are good to go! :slight_smile: