Meross devices not always triggering

Oddly the past few weeks, only my meross devices have begun to not always trigger. For example my good morning routine, almost every morning there’s one or two lights that don’t trigger (not always the same light). Very frustrating but it’s all their products: bulbs, outlet, and strips. Anyone else experiencing the same?

I had the same issue before Christmas on an external plug. It went away after a week or so, so I am guessing there was a ST-Meross cloud integration hiccup.

I haven’t, but some people have been reporting multiple integrations failing in a similar way in the last few weeks: Philips Hue, Lutron, LIFX, even Alexa. Current guess seems to be some kind of time-out issue. :thinking: Very frustrating!

Definitely report it to support, as the more reports they get, the more resources they are likely to assign to it.

They will probably suggest you unlink and relink Meross, which might fix it, but then you will have to redo all your routines and scenes which include Meross devices, which might be a lot of work. So whether you want to do that or not is up to you, but at least file the report.

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