Corrupt device DB?

Have you done a Z-Wave Repair? Sounds like something is going on funky with your mesh…

yeap tried that too, no dice.

Model numbers?

There’s nothing in the mesh, or zwave itself, that would cause a device that doesn’t have a lux meter to report an illuminance measure. That can only be a problem in the abstraction layer.

Let me take a look at your hub and see what I can find. Hang tight.


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12720: GE Z-Wave Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch is the one, I do not recall the leviton, and i don’t feel like pulling it out of the wall to get it. Maybe this one or same line at least.

Is that the one that reported illuminance? If so, it’s definitely a backend issue, that device doesn’t have any kind of sensor.

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yeap that would be one of them.

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Feel free to peek at mine too if you need more sample data Kianoosh.

If you look at the logs, the devices that were having issues in my setup most recently were my master bedroom closet light and my office ceiling fan. Both were excluded and readied Saturday before last.

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Can you PM me and let me know which devices on your hub you are having issues with?

PM me your Hub ID and the device names or DNI of the devices you are having issues with.

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Thank You Kianoosh!! you fixed it! :smiley:

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No problem. Sorry that you had this issue. Hopefully going forward, we can provide the tools to our support to spot issues like this and fix it right away. This issue is very rare, but anyways thanks for being patient.


So did the issue you fixed explain why a pocket socket that doesn’t have a lux sensor was reporting illuminance?

I am glad you were able to find something, and to find out I was not alone with this issue.

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I have a few hypothesis about this issue, I am keeping an eye on that to see if it happens again. The logs available to me did not go back that far to get a better idea about the issue.

Will monitor the situation. I will try to reproduce the issue myself. It could be the backend that was syncing the device to run locally used a different DTH (Maybe the author changed DTH) and it wrongfully associated illuminance as a possible capability. Again, lack of logs, otherwise I would know better.


I will add that that GE device could be a relay for a device the has LUX, long short but hey, I seen stranger things. The other switch, I find it very unlikely that any device that has lux would relay though it. I guess it is possible, but unlikely

Do you mean a repeater?

yes that is what I was meaning. I use the words interchangeably. Sorry

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Have been following this thread with interest. My ‘hunch,’ like Megan’s, is data corruption.

Three of my devices have shown errant reports–false positives in my case–over the course of three years of continuous operation. All are ZWave. All were used as inputs to SHM. Is it the ZWave stack in the hub? Is it something in the data transport from hub to cloud? Is it something clobbering the device data after it arrives in the cloud? I have no way to know and suspect there have been other issues in my two ST systems that I just never noticed.

My latest issue–and how I ‘fixed’ it remotely-- is described here (see Is there a way to recheck a door sensor?) if you’re intersted…