Meross integration issue

It seems on a daily basis that I need to go to Settings > Linked Services > Meross and go through the integration setup to get my Meross devices synced with ST (both Classic and New apps). It started late last week. Starting to get annoying.

Seems to be working here. Maybe try to delete your devices from the Meross account and pair them again. They did report a bug with SmartThings in a recent conversation which may be related to this.

Uh no thanks! Because then I would encounter the bug where adding the meross integration moves every device in ST into a single room.

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Ah yes that’s true, I’ve seen and reported that bug to ST (I also just saw your other topic about it). That bug is happening with Kasa and Meross plugs.

And withings scales. Oh wait, they removed that :slight_smile:

Same here. It happened for 2-3 days in a row about a week ago, then it seemed to have stopped acting up. I almost thought I bought the wrong switches. The Ikea ones are much better, never failed me once.