Many Devices unavailable - here we go again

This morning many of my zigbee and zwave devices show as unavailable in the app though most still work.
Rebooted the hub but still a problem. The status page shows “All systems operational”.

Most of my devices are offline or hub is disconnected.

Looks fine here. I’m on NA01.

ContactedSamsung support via email.

A reply said “Kindly note that our reply may be delayed due to a sudden volume increase”

Groovy IDE shows status of many devices as “HUB_DISCONNECTED”.

Same for me.

Rebooting the hub from the ide usually solves HUB_DISCONNECTED for me

I had a Hub Disconnected event last week. No obvious reason. Fairly quick call to support. V2 hub, they had be pull power, Ethernet, and batteries. Wait a couple of minutes, then reconnect it all.


Well, all devices working now - except one Smartthings button (I deleted it and added it back).

Spoke too soon. Another device became unavailable…

See this topic also:

from status page

Monitoring - Starting Thursday, October 17th around 7:00am ET, some users in the Americas may have started experiencing delayed device health updates for Hubs and connected devices. During this time Hubs and devices may have been incorrectly showing as offline in the SmartThings apps and API. Additionally, automations that rely on device health states may not be functioning properly during this time. We have corrected the cause of the issues and are monitoring to ensure full functionality is restored. We will provide updates as available.